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"HOW OFTEN DO I NEED A PERSONAL TRAINER?" Most people opt for once a week, but once a fortnight or monthly can set you off on the right foot. One off sessions are also available to give you the advice, ideas and programmes to succeed.

"WHERE WILL ALL THIS TAKE PLACE?" At a place of your choosing. Usually at your own home, which saves a lot of your precious time. It also allows you to be as comfortable as possible.

" DO I HAVE TO DO IT ON MY OWN?" It is usually a 1 to 1 basis,in order to have individalised programme but it is possible to share sessions with a friend.

"HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? " There is a free consultation. Prices start from 25.00 per session. There is an on-line starting special price of first two sessions 35.00

" WHY DO I NEED TO THINK ABOUT A CHANGE OF LIFESTYLE?" In my opinion ,in order to maintain any weight loss,it is necessary to change your lifestyle so it is sustainable for the rest of your life .If this is achieved you really can "add years to your life and life to your years !"