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Tisbury and Fovant noised their noise and duly elected

Cncllr. Mrs Josey Green (INDEPENDENT) with 946 Votes.

Cncllr. Richard Beattie (CONSERVATIVE) with 800 Votes.

Neither of the two Official Liberal Democrats was elected to serve as one of our District Councillors . Surely it was a misjudgement to field two official candidates in a Ward that has such an Independent tradition. Josey Green again polled the greater number of Votes. Had there been a second Independent standing there would have been no telling what the result of the Ward Election might have been. Here is the trouble with Party Politics at a local level, two good Candidates wasted through what was seemingly bad management.

Why did not one of ‘Our’ two Liberal Democrats stand for the Bulford Ward. There a Liberal Democrat and a Conservative are returned uncontested. There is no telling what the result there would have been had there been a contest, but it could either have remained the same, or secured two Council seats for the Liberal Democrats.

Salisbury District Council area returned 22 Conservatives, 19 Liberal Democrats, 10 Labour, and 4 Independents. Thus there is no overall Majority. There is a call for an Alliance. Together the Liberal Democrats and the Independents could abolish the ‘Cabinet System’ of Local Government. I do not suppose the Labour Group would find fault with that? It must be boring to be elected as a Councillor only to find oneself excluded from ultimate decision making. It would be sufficient for their marriage to be a short one.
Tisbury and Fovant
2007 election results - 2 Members
Candidate Party Votes Share of vote Richard Andrew Beattie (elected) Conservative 800
Felicity Ann Norton Corp Liberal Democrats 466
Josephine Anna Green (elected) Independent 946
Mike Lennard Liberal Democrats 362

It is a fact that Councillors Green and Beattie jointly represent Tisbury and Fovant Ward. It is not the case that there is some Parochial division of responsibility between them.

Regrettably Councillors P Paisey and A.Brown-Hoevolt were not re-elected as Councillors. However Councllr. David Parker of Teffont is returned after a period of Interregnum and he will surely enliven debate.

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