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There had been a coxophony of apples this Summer and the Muscat Grapes still hang heavy on the Vine. Maidens since married brought forth of their fecundity; whilst too autumn leaves fluttered down on the Poppy spattered Memorial . There ageing men and Military wives gathered not only ‘In Remembrance’ but in Comradeship with all who had likewise gathered earlier that morning amid the Plains of Afghanistan, and in Iraq.

From the Guardian on Line.
Remembrance Sunday: list lengthens as victims of Iraq and Afghanistan are mourned November 12: Prince William, joining his family to lay a wreath for the first time at the Cenotaph in London, as Remembrance Sunday fell poignantly on the actual 11th day of the 11th month, was among those painfully conscious that the roll call which the memorial calls 'the glorious dead' is still inexorably lengthening
Cenotaph ban on wounded war heroes
November 11: Families accuse government of being 'ashamed' of victims of war in Afghanistan and Iraq as British Legion has to tell them guidelines do not allow serving soldiers to take part in Remembrance Day march past.


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