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New to Mac offer one-to-one home tuition for those new to Apple computers whether it's a first computer or you're moving across from a machine running Windows. We offer friendly advice on the subjects you feel you need most and tailor our instruction to run at your pace.

Our web site has full details of our services as well as information which may help with any current problem you may have. There are details of who we are, how contact us and what our services will cost you.

There are also details of how the computer expects to organise your files, how you can upgrade to the latest version of the software that makes it work and how to make a copy of your files in case disaster strikes. You'll also find basic instruction or tips on how to use some of the programs that came with your computer - Mail, Address Book, iCal and Safari. But of course, the site won't answer everything for you, so if there's something missing, please contact us.

contact : Mick Burrell
Tel : 01264 710165
Email :
Web : view the web site

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