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About the School

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Larkhill Primary School

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Historically there has been a Primary school on site at Larkhill since the early 1940s. The present school, which has recently been subject to major upgrading with the installation of UPVC double glazed windows, a new boiler and a whole new roof, continues to serve the Garrison community and local area. The main school building is spacious and light with side doors of all the ground floor classrooms opening onto attractive patio areas.

Situated in the main building are the 5 Junior and 3 Infant classrooms, a colourful entrance hall, junior library, music room, a central resource area, secretary's office and cloakrooms. To the rear of the main school building is the self- contained 'Early Years Unit' housing 2 classrooms, with a fully enclosed play area (patio and lawn) outside. Adjacent to the playground is a further unit housing a large infant library and the Before / After School Kid's Club.

Each Infant classroom Is furnished with Acorn A3000/7000 computers/ BBC Computers and Printers. In addition there Is a new computer suite in the Junior area, with all computers linked to the internet. Additional resources Include CD-ROMS and colour printers. All classrooms are equipped with a comprehensive range of maths resources, modern worktables, carpeted area, class reading corner and over head projectors.

The pupils have access to Television, Video, Cassette/CD player and Radio. Science and Technology equipment is located in the central resource area and is easily accessible. The children are encouraged to make use of the wide range of materials available to them and to care for their storage.

The school hall houses the large PE apparatus and piano. Whole school assemblies take place in the hall, together with PE lessons and after school clubs. School dinners are cooked on site and served in the school hall, which serves as a dining room during lunchtime. We are fortunate to have extensive playing areas for the children, with a large playground bordered to one side by a grassed play area. To the opposite side, beyond the Infant Library and classrooms, are extensive playing fields used to maximum effect during the fine weather months.

Adjacent to the playground Is a 'Nature' area with a greenhouse and wooden seat enclosed by a hedge. To the front of the school is a well- established pond, which Is used for scientific investigation at various points during the year.

Our school fosters a caring environment, maintaining an atmosphere of mutual respect. We believe it vitally important that first and foremost a child should be happy at school, as this provides the basis for trust, the will to work and a desire for success. We have an open door policy and welcome parents into the school, even If it's only to say hello! If a child is upset for any reason, we want to know, believing it far better that worries are brought to light when small, than be left to grow Into large concerns. Equally so if we feel it would benefit a situation to talk to a parent, we do so. Such links give the children greater security in the knowledge the school and family are there as a partnership and that we care what happens to them.