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Doubtlessly ex Military Personnel will have encountered General Wrant in the course of their Career. He used to be affectionately known, behind his back, as ‘Old Wranter’. In his retirement one of the good cases he has fostered is that of the ‘Un-affiliated Independents.’ This body of aspiring Politicians held its entirely successful Conference at Bognor Regis last October. I append hereto an exert from Wrant’s recent entry to the International Papalscope Blog.

Now, the excitement of the Local Elections is upon us, and the ‘Hustings’ buzz with the confused tones of Party Politicians defending their sinecures against the hoard of unaffiliated Independents we sent forth from Bognor Regis.

One has been so busy since our return to Blighty,
(Wrant had spent the summer months researching the French situation)
that there has hardly been time for my feet to touch the ground. Lady Phyllis has been driving me in the Rolls from one end of England to the other in the cause of the Restoration of Apolitical Local Government. A woman like her makes one proud to be British. Quite a Sport too, insists on placing my General’s Stars on the car’s flagpole, not sure one is entitled so to do in Retirement, but who will bother about such small vanities; possibly onlookers think that a Rolls of our vintage must be featuring in some Kinematographic re- enactment deploring the seventieth anniversary of the accession of Neville Chamberlain, or maybe the bombing of Guernica. Never know which tragedy some of those Johnnies will try to turn a quick buck on next.

Before writing these few lines to you today,
I dispatched my final words of encouragement to all those Independently minded Public Spirited Individuals who give their all, to the common cause. Men and Women cast in the mould of Nelson or Bodicea, who offer real leadership rather than bend as might a reed in the wind, to the immorality of pervading opportunism.

Go out and vote for them. England still expects that every ‘man’ will do his duty on the 3rd.of May 2007. I do not doubt that this year will be decisive in our fight to restore Democratic Local Government to the people.

God Bless you all and let the best men win, whichever their gender.

Wrant. General Retired.

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