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The state of depression is now one of the most understood of the many emotional problems. There may be different characteristics to the condition, depending on the individual. It is an emotional state in which there may be extreme and often overpowering feelings of sadness, emptiness, dejection and lack of worth. The word depression is often synonymous with stress and anxiety. They are however different even though some signs, symptoms, causes and even treatments do overlap. The word depression describes a range of specifically categorised ‘varieties’ of illnesses, namely clinical, unipolar, major depressive illness, ante-natal, post-natal……..

some symptoms of depression

The causes of depression can be numerous and have biological, sociological and psychological roots. While medication can deal quickly and effectively with symptoms e.g. sleep disturbance, it can also produce side effects and habituation. Additionally it may produce undesired thought and feeling processes and there has been found to be a high incidence of relapse.

With depression, contemplating the future there may be a tendency to project similar types of pain, hurt or anxiety experienced in the past. Stress is not an external experience but rather how we perceive a situation and therefore inevitably how we feel. Negative thoughts and feelings promote release of specific hormones and neurotransmitters which in turn affect our mood and feelings. This negative downward spiral can implicate our lives massively and affect ultimately our sleep processes, our relationships and our careers.

Psychotherapy is a traditional method in treating depression. When combined with hypnosis it can provide positive outcomes within a combined brief therapy profile.

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