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Image 1 for Causes Biochemical imbalance is often implicated in the suffering of depression. An inhibition or over stimulation of neurotransmitters or hormones is common. Although biochemistry is consistent with the condition, there has never been a specific “depression” gene identified and the genetic make up in identifying the biochemical imbalance that creates depression has never been fully identified.

Evidence surrounding the onset of depression is much stronger in the way people think about and respond to life’s experiences. An individual’s immediate environment and social setting can be more relevant in producing depression. Learned responses from parents, family members or others may provide that child’s “negative” behaviours at

Life is now faster paced and the demands are perhaps greater than ever. Job security is reduced and although communication channels may be enhanced in terms of information technology, TV and the internet these can provide less socialisation skills and opportunities.

The causes briefly then can be seen as a combination of biological, sociological and psychological. Cumulatively they evoke a response in you which is essentially beyond your control.

Utilising psychotherapy and hypnosis in a Combined Brief Therapy Approach shows very good therapeutic outcomes. Combined Brief Therapy Approach may take 7 – 9 sessions and can provide an integrated and consistent way of thinking and feeling differently.