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Slugs and Snails

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Gardening: Introduction

Image 1 for Gardening: Introduction Gardening is a fantastic way to spend your spare time. It's a pleasurable, healthy, productive and creative activity that can be tremendously enjoyable no matter how limited your time, experience or expertise. Everyone remembers the time they sowed their first seed or potted up their first cutting to create a new plant. But for all of us there's so much to learn that you can spend a gardening lifetime constantly trying out new techniques and improving on the previous season's results. The trouble is that many first- timers find gardening a daunting prospect. Confusing plant names, unpredictable seasons and complicated techniques all help to fuel their anxiety. In reality, gardening is the most natural and simplest of pastimes. The vast majority of gardening tasks are straightforward, and easy to achieve if you take them one step at a time.

When I started as an inquisitive nine- year-old in my parents' Yorkshire garden, I loved gardening instantly and my interest has grown with every plant that I've raised and cared for. Even now, each time I go out into the garden I find something new or surprising that captures my imagination. Yes; even when it's raining! This keeps gardening fresh and fulfilling, season after season as the years go by.

One of the things I like most about Crocus is the way they help all types of gardener, whether totally inexperienced or deeply committed. They're like plant centres used to be when I was a boy, offering a huge choice of plants and always with someone on hand to give you help or advice. Over the coming seasons, this new How-to Garden section will build-up into a comprehensive practical guide to all aspects of growing and looking after your garden. I'll outline the basics step-by-step as well as highlighting effective shortcuts that the professionals use. I'll also try to dispel the mystique that surrounds gardening and inspire you to experiment with new methods, so that you can make the most of your gardening time.

By Alan Titchmarsh
Courtesy of Crocus.co.uk Limited
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