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Parish Amenities

Fovant Parish Council represents the parishioners living in the parish through its nine elected Councillors who have responsibility for administering and maintaining the parish infrastructure, including planning matters. The present Parish Council contains both elected and co- opted councillors, some with a delegated area of specific responsibility: Highways, Footpaths, Recreation Ground, Village Hall, Neighbourhood Watch, Police Consultative Committee, maintenance of its website and attendance at the South West Wiltshire Area Board. It also maintains close contact with the Wiltshire Association of Local Councils. The Council is assisted and guided by the Parish Clerk who is the Officer of the Council and meets monthly (except August and December) at which the public are invited to attend. Planning applications are generally reviewed at the next Parish Council Meeting, and a record noted in the Minutes of Meeting. When required the Parish Council will make representations on behalf of the community at the Wiltshire Council Salisbury Planning Hub Meetings, Enforcement Meetings and at Appeal Hearings. The Parish Chairman also facilitates at special Public Meetings.

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Rights of Way

The Footpath representative monitors the maintenance of, and protects public right of access to, the twenty footpaths, bridle- ways and other rights-of-way which lie within the Parish. A web site has also been established giving details of all the footpaths around the village has been established – it can be viewed at www.fovanthistory.or g/row.html

List of Rights of Way in Fovant:
FP 1
From Fir Hill Plantation to the Compton Chamberlayne border
FP 2
From Church Lane to Teffont Mill
FP 3
From Turnbridge to the Pembroke Arms
FP 4
From Mary Barter's Lane to the Dinton Road
FP 5
From Mill Lane to Path 3
From the Village Hall to Green Drove
FP 7
From Schoolhouse Lane to the Rectory
BW 8
From Millhouse to Scotland Buildings
FP 9
From Hole Lane to Sutton Road
FP 11
From New Barn Cottages to Fovant Hut
FP 12
Across the Pennings. A30 to the Fifield Bavant Road
BW 13
From Brook Street to Path 14
BR 14
From Fovant Hollow to the Herepath
BW 14A
From the Herepath to the Broad Chalke boundary
FP 15
From Moor Hil From Dinton Road across A30 to Brook Street (Green Drove)
BR 18
The Herepath. From the Sutton to Compton boundary
BW 19
From the Herepath to the Ebbesborne Wake boundary
FP 20
From Dinton Road to Tisbury Road

FP = Footpath. BW = Bridleway. BR = Byway open to all traffic.

Click for a larger image of Highways


The Highways representative monitors the state of the public roads around the parish and reports any significant deterioration to the Wiltshire Highways Authority. In addition, the representative acts as the first point of contact for scheduling minor work and maintenance activities to the Wiltshire Highway Authority.

Some of the Parish Councillors voluntarily carry out repairs and maintenance of the public fencing, rails, gates and signposts around the village all year round. They are particularly busy during Spring and Summer monitoring hedgerow, roadside, and footpath clearances which require attention by landowners throughout the growing season.

Volunteers and working parties are always welcome.

Click for a larger image of Local Businesses

Local Businesses

Fovant village is fortunate in that currently, it’s local businesses include a thriving Village Shop with Post Office. It also has a Garage with MoT Repair Shop facility.

Click for a larger image of Business & Community

Business & Community

Although local businesses are mainly family concerns which employ a small number of local villagers, they all contribute to the very fabric of village life by providing amenities and services which are not readily available, particularly to the older citizens, the young and to those who do not have their own transport.

Local people often help organise and donate to specific causes such as; the upkeep of Fovant Badges, refurbishment of the Youth Club, upgrade to the Village Hall and to the support of Fovant's children's playground, and many other charities.

Click for a larger image of Recreation & Play

Recreation & Play

Fovant Parish Council owns and maintains a Children’s Playground, comprising a Slide, Swings, Roundabout, rocking Mobiles and an Activity Centre for the young.

Fovant Parish Council also owns the adjacent Recreation Ground, which has a ‘Goal & Basketball End’ and soccer goals for the older children, complete with spectator bench seating, which it maintains from the precept. These facilities are constantly maintained and are subject to improvement regimes.

Youth Club

For the children of the village, Fovant has its Youth Club. The dedicated building provides a large number of facilities, including indoor sports and traditional games such as ‘Table Tennis’ and ‘Ring Throwing’ to the more modern table games such as ‘Pool’ and ‘Billiards’. The Youth Club is properly organised as a Charity and has its own Constitution and Management Committee, ably supported by the children’s parents and other volunteers.

The Youth Club opens every Friday evening through most of the year - and also organises day trips to places of interest.

The Youth Club is also affiliated with the Wiltshire Youth Action which operates out of Tisbury Youth Club and this enables the older children (13- 17 years)to participate in the 'work credit' scheme which allows them to 'build up credits' by undertaking work in the community (such as clearing paths etc) in exchange for access to away-day trips to places of interest.

Click for a larger image of Fovant Cricket Club

Fovant Cricket Club

Another avenue for youthful participation is the Fovant Cricket Club. The Cricket Club is organised and run by an enthusiastic senior team who delight in ‘bringing-on’ the junior player’s. The Cricket Team enjoys a good reputation around the local area, winning many trophies each year – an aspect which ensures many youngsters are keen to join ! In addition to cricket training sessions, the Cricket Club is fully booked for both Saturday and Sunday matches throughout the summer season, and also the Tuesday evening games.

Fovant C.C. currently have three separate teams. The Saturday team have been successful for many years and have reached Division 1. The Sunday team has recently joined the lower Dorset leagues in an attempt to find competitive games. The Tuesday evening team play in the Old Sarum Invitation League. This is the fore runner to the now popular twenty-20 game.

Residential Housing

Fovant has a Wiltshire managed Residential social complex catering both for the elderly and those in need of social housing - the allocations are not reserved for those who are from the Parish and its surrounding area but are allocated on a Wiltshire County- wide basis. The complex is located at Clays Orchard adjacent to Sutton Road.

Community Newsletter

Fovant enjoys the benefit of sharing a monthly community magazine with its neighbours at Sutton Mandeville and Compton Chamberlayne the ‘Three Towers Community Magazine’.

The magazine is organised and run through the Parochial Church Council with funding from a number of sources including the Parish Council donations, Village Fete income and advertising fees. The Magazine is formatted and published by a voluntary Editor. The ‘Three Towers Magazine’ is circulated free-of- charge throughout the Parish by volunteers.

Click for a larger image of Fovant Village Hall

Fovant Village Hall

The Village Hall is available for hire and is the main centre for the Village Hall Management Committee meetings, Parish Council Meetings, Public Enquiries, and the Parish Annual Meeting. The Hall is also the venue for the village clubs and other specialist interest groups. Also the Garden Club, Fun- Fit, PCC Coffee Mornings and the ‘Bring-and-Buy’ and ‘Nearly-New’ sales and other fund-raising events are held in the Hall.

The Village Hall Management Committee organise many different activities for the community.

Click for a larger image of St Georges Church

St Georges Church

The Parochial Church Council apart from carrying out its day-to-day ministry to the parishioners by way of Sunday, Family, Morning and Evening Services, also engages in a pro- active way to stimulate the spirit of the community by holding Lent Suppers, Deanery Synod meetings Easter, Harvest and Christmas & Carol Festival services. Members of the Church Choir meet weekly for their own pleasure and occasionally give a concert. The PCC is very active in promoting the celebration of important events, for example, in commemoration of HM The Queen’s Golden Jubilee, a Thanksgiving Service with Songs of Praise was held and the annual Remembrance Day Service is held every year.

There is also a Methodist Chapel located in the village High Street adjacent to the Youth Club. It holds services every Sunday and a Bible Study each Thursday.