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BIG FLIGHT PLANS BY PEER'S SISTER. CO- PILOT ON TRIP TO INDIA. The Evening Post is able to announce that Lady Blanche Douglas intends to make a flight to India. Lady Blanche Douglas told an Evening Post reporter today: "I am making the flight simply for my own amusement I have only been flying about six weeks or a couple of months. Flying Officer Ogden, who is an instructor of the Bristol and Wessex Aeroplane club, and I will take turn and turn about at the controls. We shall take about three weeks, stopping at Cairo, Bagdad and Karachi. My plane, which is now being built, will be a Miles Hawk Major, an open monoplane. We shall not carry wireless. We hope to start on November 20, but have not yet decided whether it will be from Bristol? Lady Blanche added that in India she would stay with friends at Cooch Behar, Bengal. Lady Blanche is enthusiastic about aviation and, as already reported, is a qualified air pilot, having recently taken at Bristol Airport the necessary A licence. A sister of the Duke of Beaufort, she is the widow of Capt. Scott Douglas, and she is a familiar figure in the hunting field. Lady Blanche took delivery of a Miles M.2F Hawk Major as new, registration number G-ACWY, on 4th September 1934 which she owned until 27th March 1942. She kept the aeroplane at her home address - Manor Farm, Sherston, Wilts although it was maintained at Whitchurch by the Club. Apparantly she had her own landing strip in one of her fields and did not use the larger grass runway to the west of Badminton Hall on the Duke of Beaufort's land. This latter landing strip now has a system of landing lights and can handle fairly sophisticated twin engine aeroplanes, either belonging to local landowners or used to fly members of the Royal Family on visits to the Duke of Beaufort. A similar story about Lady Douglas's flying was recorded in the 26th September 1934 issue of the 'The Aeroplane', which stated that she intended to fly to India with Mr. Ogden as co-pilot. The flight to India in such an aeroplane in 1934/35 was quite a feat for those days

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