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Since 1989 Five Rivers has existed to provide safety for children who have been abused or are in need of specialist care. Five Rivers offers a wide range of specialist services for the children who need them most. We set clear boundaries, providing a structure to help children rediscover – or, perhaps, experience for the first time – a true sense of self-worth.

Five Rivers has two registered schools for children and young people with emotional and behavior difficulties. Where needed, other specialist education packages can be provided on a tailor made basis. You can obtain further information about our services by using the contact us page on the website. We look forward to hearing from you and value your comments and any feedback about our services and our website.

The Five Rivers philosophy encompasses care in a safe environment. But it's much more than this. All of the Five Rivers services are run on the same ethos. We provide as normal an environment as possible - whilst always recognising the individual qualities of the children and young people in our care - along with their own unique set of problems. Our highly skilled personnel provide specialist care to meet the specific requirements of each individual - helping them to move forward positively with their lives. Five Rivers helps children put the pieces of their lives back together again.

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