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Tisbury and Fovant Ward of the Salisbury District Council have four candidates standing for electon to the two seats available.

Beattie,Richard Andrew Conservative
Corp, Felicity Ann Norton Lib.Dem
Green Josephine Anna Independent
Lennard Mike Lib.Dem

It is important that you cast both your votes. Josey Green is currently on the Council, and Felicity Corp is currently a Tisbury Parish Councillor. I recommend you vote for these two candidates.

We have far too many Conservative Councillors on the Salisbury District Council already, what is needed is an effective Opposition

For that reason alone it will not be in our best interest to return another Conservative. Neither is it in our interest (or in the Interest of the Lib.Dems.) to cast both votes for the Liberal. If one does so, the chances are that neither Liberal will be elected. Then our two Councillors would be Josey Green and Richard Beattie. Every vote for Mike Lennard will effectively be a Conservative vote cast .
Sorry Mike, but a man of your previous experience will recognise that to be the case. Possibly the Liberals would have been wiser not to field two candidates here. VOTE GREEN X
VOTE CORP X You know it makes sense

contact : John B. Pope

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