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Peter D Meers. 27th April 1929 - 10th July 2008.

The writer qualified in medicine in 1952 and was called up for National Service in 1953. Offered a traineeship in pathology in return for extending his commission he eventually spent a fruitful 16 years in the Army at a time when Britain still bore a significant responsibility for populations in several warmer parts of the world, so was still committed to the study and practice of tropical medicine.

After the Second World War these responsibilities were progressively abandoned, and overseas (and later home) military hospitals were closed.

In 1969 he left the Army and joined the National Health Service as a Consultant Medical Microbiologist in the Public Health Laboratory Service, which he went on to head.

His full time professional career ended with a partial return to tropical medicine as Associate Professor in the Microbiology Department of the National University of Singapore.

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