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About Us CLIFFORD Solutions are based in the South although our work takes us the length and breadth of the country. We work hard to understand the needs of an audience and will often (with the client’s permission) speak to delegates before the conference/seminar/corporate event to ascertain what they expect, need and require from the event. We use this information to agree suitable agendas. CLIFFORD Solutions look at every aspect of a conference from planning presentations to staging and the use of various media such as DVD, PowerPoint, live TV links and the like. We believe there are certain keys to a successful seminar or conference. If you get these right the event can be a truly memorable one. Most of the ‘keys’ are common sense but in the busy business world they can often be overlooked. What is the event about? Is it motivation? Is it education? Is it information? Until this is understood it is difficult to accurately map out the agenda. Too often different individuals who are presenting do not compare notes to see where duplication or missing information occurs (or even worse – contradiction!). Too many presenters are under or even un-rehearsed leading to them merely reading slides that have far too much information on them. Timings are often poor with overrunning sessions and too long without breaks. This results in a lack of attention from delegates who will not take in much of the information. CLIFFORD Solutions pay attention to all of these aspects so that the maximum is gained for, and from, all delegates – everyone comes with a free brain! CLIFFORD Solutions can also work on any constituent part of an event and have recently been involved in coaching for a job interview where a formal presentation was required and they have even been involved in a wedding speech! Find out more about the Directors of CLIFFORD Solutions>> Clifford Solutions Ltd are registered at Companies House, Cardiff Company number 5312683. Registered address: St Georges Terrace 31 Stallard Street Trowbridge Wilts BA12 9AA Clifford Solutions Ltd also trade as Concept Solutions (Salisbury).

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