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Who other than The Tisbury Business Association wishes to attract Visitors to Tisbury ? One has not heard how deliberations proceeded at the The January Parish Council Meeting, because we are no longer treated to Draft minutes. Somewhere along the line an objection was raised that prevented the Parish Clerk providing those, before they had actually been approved, usually no sooner than a month later. Thus we the Plebs have little opportunity to comment until six to eight weeks later.

Always enjoy visiting a Brocante in France, however these are commercial operations financed by a commission on goods taken in, and then on goods sold. Most are permanently accommodated inside large Hangars, such as we might find at Station Works for instance. There are too outside Brocante Table Top Sales to be seen in various villages, most of which in my experience try to sell the most appalling Tat. My French Dictionary mentions that Brocante is mainly furniture.

Surely if some entrepreneur wishes to run a Brocante in Tisbury, it might ,or might not be of advantage to the rest of us. Lets face it the Tisbury Horticultural Society, holds such a Sale every year. This year it is on Saturday 9th May at Cuffs Lane Tisbury. Not dissimilarly' Country Markets' hold two Sales of Produce at the Victoria Hall every month. The Hall hire is paid by the Producers. Their Policy is not to undercut local retailers. A while back Tisbury had a sale of items on the lower Recreation Ground. I have no knowledge of its funding, but before that Robert Barnes organised the like of a table sale in the vicinity of Tisbury Mill in Aid of The Salisbury Hospice.( I bought an item there seemingly donated by one of our current Parish Councillors !) Then too local churches have fund-raising fêtes, which include table top items. All that apart The Pembroke Centre of the Riding for The Disabled Association at Wilton House has an annual table top sale at its purpose built Riding School at Wilton House. Donations gratefully received. The RDA also welcomes Helpers throughout the year, if you are interested more information could be had locally from Jane 01747870326.}

Failing all else there is Freecycle and too e.bay. Only yesterday one heard tell of a young mum's post Christmas de-cluttering raising £140. on e.bay. One has noted that others do have a problem disposing of items, so are inclined to dump them presumably for re-cycling, beside the rubbish bins in the car park. Amazing what one gets to see there. There was a whole load of copper coin once, which after its sojourn with the Constabulary, went to The Carnival Floats. Further more Charity Shops in Salisbury are crying out for gifted good quality items which they might sell to raise funds. Before coming to live here I initiated a Fund raising Auction Sale in the New Forest .If I recall correctly we sold some £24,000 of goods, the gross commission on so doing was probably less than £2,400. Believe the Auction Sale still persists without me.


FINANCIAL / OTHER MATTERS 14.12.39 Tisbury Brocante Festival – P.Cnllr Mrs JA, supported by Mrs Tina Richard, outlined proposals for a Brocante Festival that already had a strong management team in place and would encourage visitors to Tisbury, hopefully, on an annual basis. EU grant funding was available (launch event in Frome in mid-January) and the PC was asked for a financial contribution of approx. £2500, that combined with ‘time’ from various volunteers and the TBA would provide sufficient match funding for an application of £5000. Implications for insurance, VAT registration, High St closure etc. would be queried. 30th January 2015 Papalscope.

contact : John B.Pope

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