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Ansty and its Maypole date back some 1000 years, and its May Day celebrations are reputed to go back to Pagan times to mark the coming of Spring.

In the 16th century the Arundells of Wardour are believed to have used the May Pole as a meeting place; the tenants of the estate brought their children to meet each other on 1st of May. Except for a period between 1644 and 1660, when the Puritans had the May Pole removed, this gathering has continued every year since.

By tradition the May Pole is replaced every 20 years. In 1982 a 98ft high pole, reputed to be the highest in England was put up, but it got blown down in the severe gale on 9th December 1993 and the replacement is now only 50 foot tall. Tradition demands that there is a silver coin beneath the weather vane at the top of the pole.