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If you suffer or feel limited by emotional thoughts or feelings (such as anger, frustration, hatred, traumatic experience that still haunts you, sadness, guilt, shame, public speaking, phobias or fears, allergies to name a few)then the EmotionalRepair technique may help you.

Are any of the above causing you problems in certain areas of your life? Do you feel as though you are blocking yourself from making real changes? Are Fear and Lack of Trust in yourself holding you back? Break the cycle and improve your life. Eliminate obstacles from your belief structure at your subconscious level. Do this by installing certain instructions to your subconscious and then trigger them each time you need to with a cue word. Feel real shifts occurring. Begin to believe that a real sense of control of your life is finally possible.

39 page technique 16.99 (pdf e-book) instantly downloadable. Plus free supporting information on our main website continually updated. Workshops scheduled from late January 2005. Join us and make 2005 the beginning of your path to happiness. Whilst this technique is incredibly simple and easy to use, if you suffer from PTSD or depression we recommend that you seek our advice and do not attempt to work alone.

contact : Mary Hunt
Tel : 01722 744668
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