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AEP Airsoft pistols

Image 1 for AEP Airsoft pistols 1. The Cyma Glock 18c aep is probably the most common AEP but there are variations of the make, the more prestigieges one and the Original is made by Tokyo Marui but is more expensive than its clone made by CYMA which is sold for around 55, has a muzzle velocity of 230fps a 29 rd magazine and a choice of fully automatic and semi automatic modes. and weighs 770g

Image 2 for AEP Airsoft pistols 2. The CYMA Desert Eagle CM.121 EAP is the main rival to the glock. made by the same company there are not a lot of differences apart from the desert eagle being heavier due to the metal top slide and the slightly larger magazine the muzzle velocity in around the same at 250 fps and weighs 985g, costs around 60.