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Hello and welcome to 'cancerfreetherapy'. This title could just as well have been 'Cancer? Free therapy' but perhaps not as interesting as leaving the reader to guess whether the word 'free' applied to 'cancer' or to 'therapy'.

Here's what's on offer to anyone suffering from cancer, especially the newly diagnosed: free therapy sessions from a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, who joined the NHS as long ago as 1973. There are many forms of therapy: for some, all they may wish for is the chance to talk in confidence to someone who knows how to listen; for others, they may want help in learning to relax and live a less stressful life; yet others may have specific difficulties with a certain aspect of their illness and want help in coping with that. Some may want advice; others may want help in managing a relative or close friend. Many people find it difficult to ask for help and may feel that to see a psychologist amounts to an admission that they are losing their minds. By coming along to a free session you will not be committing yourself in any way. It will simply give you an opportunity to meet the therapist and decide whether you might find it helpful to return for more free sessions

Why free? There are two reasons: 1. If you want or need help and can't afford to go private, you will normally have to be referred by your GP to an NHS professional. If that professional is a psychologist, you may find yourself on a waiting list for months or even years. In the case of cancer and many other conditions, that's too long to wait; 2. I don't want to charge you anything if you have cancer. I do not pretend to be able to cure your cancer but I do believe that I may be able to offer you some good advice, if you have an open mind. You see, two years ago I had an operation for cancer and feel that I have been helped in various ways that I would like to pass on to anyone who is seeking advice. That does emphatically NOT mean that I want to go on about myself and force advice down other people's necks!

contact : Tony Miller
Tel : 01722 322791