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adsl broadband

e a s y B r o a d b a n d (tm) was setup to promote a wireless broadband service on the Hampshire/Wiltshire border between Salisbury and Romsey in rural England. However, now that BT has set achievable trigger levels, getting a broadband service should be even easier! **On 27th April 2004 BT announced the end of their pre-registration scheme in favour of a planned roll-out of an ADSL service to the remaining viable exchanges. See my Website for details.

So, how can e a s y B r o a d b a n d (tm) help? Hopefully, by providing a local telephone support service for those confused by the Broadband issue.

This Webpage created on 22nd March 2004

contact : Richard Parsons
Tel : 01794-341405
Email : richard@sp5.info
Web : view the web site