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Southwick Division

A picture for You Kip if you want to

Southwick burning Candle at both ends. Southwick Division of the Unitary Authority, (its up North, Trowbridge Way should any wonder), duly held its election on September 3rd. The Turnout was 30.66% and the seat was won by an Independent with 385 votes, The Liberal Democrat came second with 315 votes, and the Conservative third with 273 Votes. UKIP too fielded a candidate who gained 61 Votes. It is splendid that all those candidates are willing to stand up and be counted for what each believes in, but the successful candidate was the Independent, not the Liberal Democrat, not the Conservative, nor the UKIP Candidate.
What is the message of that ?


What a shame that Party Politics has intruded into Local Government, Give me an Independent any time. One knows nothing of any of the Southwick Candidates, but all too often Political Parties offer but ĎJohnnies come lateliesí, many of whom would never be elected on their own recognisances.

There was a letter in the Valley News this month written in the name of a UKIP supporter concerning the Wilton Seat contested last June. The Gentleman who wrote it was disappointed that an earlier correspondent had failed to understand why anyone would vote for UKIP in the recent ( June) local elections. The letter goes on to explain a number of good reasons why anyone might.

I was the writer of such a letter . I am sorry if I did not make myself clear. It wasnít that I didnít see why anyone should vote for a UKIP Candidate, for the point I had hoped to make was that I didnít see why UKIP would want to stand in a local election, when its causal platform is surely either the European or the Westminster Parliament. Does UKIP have an Agenda for Local Governance?

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