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Well the Vatican !

A picture for Yes we Can

The Papalscope Site here or elsewhere is probably as often as not accessed by persons who expect its content to emanate from a more eminent source. Thus one acknowledges that many of ones ‘Hits’ are fortuitous. Even so I wouldn’t suppose that the Holy See was influenced by Papalscope’s
http://www.Northwilts- communityweb.com/site/Leadership- Lacking-Lustre/index.htm Posted but a week ago, which inter alia opined that;

‘The Ecclesiastical Engine is running on an empty tank. Is this not the time for the re- amalgamation of Christianity? It’s not only that Church members are few and far, but there is a dearth of Clergy, of both the Protestant and Catholic persuasion, whilst Imams seemingly have to be imported from abroad. All that being so, Church Buildings that should be better utilised are under occupied and more often than not under lock and key. Something needs to be done. There are those who would pray for vocations, whilst others see doing that as but a dereliction of Episcopal Duty. Possibly it would be better if metaphorically speaking; heads were to be knocked together.’

EVEN SO what good timing; when one reads in The Times today detail of what is referred to as a New Apostolic Constitution. I quote from the report,

‘Pope Benedict XVI announced a new “Apostolic Constitution” to provide a legal framework for the many thousands of Anglicans and former Anglicans who wish “to enter into full visible communion with the Roman Catholic Church”. The announcement paves the way for thousands of Anglicans worldwide to join the Roman Catholic church while maintaining elements of their own spiritual heritage. Although Dr Williams knew that talks had been taking place in Rome, he was unaware until two weeks ago of the radical nature of the proposals being drawn up by Rome.’

It is because his Grace The Archbishop heard of the matter a couple of weeks ago, that I am convinced the idea didn’t originate from the ‘Blog’ I posted one week ago. Possibly his Holiness read of it in my earlier postings. Which is of course a Joke.

Every branch of Christianity is overburdened with superfluous historical baggage, It was stated in the Creed of Constantinople in 381 that the four Marks of Christianity were,
One, Holy, Catholic*, and Apostolic.
( Catholic means Universal, and Universal does not mean the multifarious conglomeration of ‘Sects’ which persist today) It was only relatively recently there were differences of opinion, which mostly caused Protestant ‘sheep’ to herd everywhere or no where. Unless Christianity hangs together its constituent elements will each hang separately, or may possibly find themselves beheaded.


Christianity has got itself into a fine old mess. Everyone enjoys the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols from King’s College, The Nativity Plays, Baptisms and Weddings and if at a Funeral one can usually take comfort that it isn’t ones own. But where the Congregation betwixt times? Where the source of Inspiration that gave us Oratorio , and ‘sweet singing in the choir’, and built our magnificent Cathedrals and no less beautiful Churches? A while back an educated man expressed surprise when someone told him that Salisbury Cathedral used to be a Catholic Church. I relate that because somewhere along the line ‘The Plot has been lost’. Sectarianism should be of no account.

Does Christianity still have a message to proclaim, or does it speak in too many tongues?
Tuesday, 20 October 2009.

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