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Nominations ?

A picture for Wyndham Place Tisbury

MISPLACED ? In its wisdom the Tisbury Parish Council approved the naming of a particular row of houses built by Messrs Fry at Hindon Lane, seemingly after the name of our house. My wife and I were incredibly flattered to be so associated with names such as Grosvenor and Turner. Maybe we under estimated the honour, for was not our poetical, alleged cousin Alexander's mother an Edith Turner, and was not my late father first married to a Turner ?

Come to think on it, I don't suppose the Parish Council had us, or our house in mind at all. Maybe Wyndham Place was yet another reference back to the family that used to live in Dinton and Salisbury and built farms, which included our house, none of which back in the 1830s was even in the Parish of Tisbury. Possibly the Council might have gone for originality instead, and used 'Marjorie' as a place name on The Hindon Estate, so doing in commemoration of its Compost Heap , rightly ' put down' by a duly elected Council. After all Marjorie adjoined not only the Allotments and the Hindon Lane Development, but had been located within ambit of an ancient 'Manurial Pile' ascribed to Turner's horse.

We have come to resent fielding Post arriving for others, specifically but erroneously addressed to our house, rather than to the correct recipients who live some two and and a half miles away. Amidst it all, two firms of Bailiffs threaten to 'Take control of my Assets ' which I hasten to add there would be no entitlement for them to do, even so they might take some convincing before not doing it. I have developed a wheeze, the implementation of a handling charge of £5 for each envelope 'returned to sender as requested'. Money to go, as a charitable donation to The Riding for The Disabled, Pembroke Centre at Wilton. My first invoice to jbw judicial services group amounted to £75. covering the first eight months of 2014. I'd be minded to take them to the small claims court if they fail to pay up.

WHAT MORE OF TISBURY EAST AS WAS ? What on the earth are houses on Tisbury's Eastern Frontier, doing in Tisbury Parish anyway? Why are we divorced from the rest of our Hamlet, which lethargically co-habits with Sutton Mandeville, where the Community Charges are cheaper than West Tisbury's, let alone the Community Charges of our Parish of Tisbury? Unfortunately SP3.6LY seems distinctly unloved and unrepresented by the Tisbury Parish Council. Can this be why the euphemistically called ' Water Reclamation Works ' adjoins us, close to where our dead lie buried, behind the occasional staked into the ground irreverential advertisements of local Thespians and others. We accommodate too an access to Network Rail, which noises it's noise both by day and night if so minded, and too a Stone Quarry. Is it the heavy traffic that both occasion that causes so many pits and ruts in our shared branch road, and encourages the bridge over the Nadder to shed chunks of its substance into our garden, and cause lateral compression damage to the viaduct walls of its Northern approach ? The Unitary Authority commissioned an expensive three dimensional survey of the bridge earlier this year, and allocated a pittance toward its repair, but no repairs have been effected.

TISBURY PLAN. What has Tisbury Parish to say about all our woes? No idea, hear of little other than of the problems of the Tisbury Business Association, and of a Tisbury Plan which doesnít include 'our' area . However of a sudden the plan does include Station Works Tisbury in its orbit. A location which hitherto has been ' Outside the Village's Housing Development Envelope'. I distinctly recall Respondents to the TisVis questionnaire advising that they'd wished Station Works to remain as a place of Employment, and not be used for the construction of housing. Such housing would rather than house those deprived of the opportunity of Council Accommodation, attract further Retirees and Commuters, for ever depriving the locals of opportunities for employment in the village. Station Works despite its poor access is otherwise entirely suited as a pace of employment, whilst The Fry's Development isnít. Former manifestations of The Tisbury Parish Council never enthused to the idea of Station Works remaining as but a workplace. That legislation required Fry's to provide Work Units on its otherwise pleasant housing development, seems little short of an abomination in the face of those who live there. Maybe though a corner shop would have been welcomed on site, but seemingly the idea met with opposition at Parish Level.

AS FOR THOSE VACANCIES ON THE PARISH COUNCIL. One needs to take care that, by co- option, the Tisbury Parish Council doesnít become the perquisite of any particular faction. Unfortunately there is a danger of it becoming so. Lets have a more inclusive Parish Council . Its all too easy to encourage the co- option of those who would maintain the Status Quo, rather than co-opt persons who might wish to challenge it with fresh thoughts. How about recruiting a few Councillors representative of the interests of the young of the Parish. If not them, then those who might be minded to voice their own opinions, rather reiterate the received wisdom of others? 11th November 2014.

A picture for Wyndham Place Tisbury

contact : John B. Pope