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Winterbourne Stoke and Till Valley

Welcome to Winterbourne Stoke. A village mostly hidden from view as the traffic winds its way down the A303.Situated on the charming river Till and surrounded by Bridalways and footpaths it gives a good base for walks to Stonehenge or through Druids Lodge.

We also have drinks and food available in our local public house and overnight accomodation at the lodge up the hill. Fill up at the local garage before leaving us to either London or Exeter.

In the heart of the village we also have the hidden delights of St Peters church.Famously refered to in an entry in the Doomsday book dated 1086 a.d. by none other than William The Conqueror.

contact : Clive Chown
Tel : 01980 620272
Email : clivechown@aol.com