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A picture for What of May 2013

THE BRIDGECopyright@2004 by Adrienne Potter

From the original "Horatius" by Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800-1859) originally published in 1842

Kids were playing in the fields and summer air was blowing.
Mothers did their cooking as the afternoon was slowing.
The fathers of the city were all settled in a meeting,
While closer to this scene of peace a messenger was speeding.
Leaving dusty roads behind, the horse and he were sweating--
Riding on with urgent news the council would be dreading.
He rushed into the city as the kids and people scattered--.
Until he reached the council chambers every second mattered.

Do hope they were all there as attendances have been less than replete of late. Surely none though dread an Election.

Now that ‘The Bridge’ is closed to traffic, those of us situate on the Eastern Approaches find ourselves even more detached from the affairs of Tisbury Town Centre than we usually do. We being as ever less integrated than the citizenry of West Tisbury our adjoined Parish, but more so than usual, for the village centre is now effectively all of ten miles distant. Such is our fortune however surely it emphasises that it would make far more sense to integrate the Parishes of West Tisbury, and Fonthill; and maybe Ansty , into the Parish of TISBURY. Possibly then Upper Chicksgrove should be reunited with lower Chicksgrove and join them within the Compass of Sutton Mandeville. We the residents contribute far more than our fair financial share to the amenities of Tisbury, and get no return here at, from a Parish Council that seems more representative of the affairs of Fonthill Cricket Club than having a care for us.

A while back one of my neighbours did become a Tisbury Parish Councillor, but soon resigned on the basis that Tisbury Parish Council had little to do with the affair of SP3 6LY. Next May hopefully there will be an Election for a Tisbury Parish Council, however should the process fail yet again, hopefully subsequent co-options will include residents from fresh fields and pastures new. To that end possibly the current Parish Council might hereon proselytise the need for New Parish Councillors. One realises that it is not their job so to do, nor might it be in their personal interest, however it would be a right and proper sort of thing to do.

contact : John B. Pope
Email : pionono@tiscalli.co.uk