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Victoria County History of Wiltshire

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The History of Wiltshire is part of the Victoria History of the Counties of England, a series which started in 1899 and which is named after Queen Victoria.

The Wiltshire History began in 1947, as a result of local initiatives, and 15 volumes have been published to date, covering general topics across the county such as prehistory, ecclesiastical, economic and political history (Vols. 1 - 5) and the rest are intended to provide a comprehensive and systematic history of every single town and parish in the county.

The history is three quarters complete with six volumes outstanding. Each parish history follows a standard form. It starts with a description of the physical evolution of the place and its settlement history. Then there are accounts of the ownership of the land (especially the descent of manors), agriculture and other economic activity, local government and the parish church, followed by short sections on religious nonconformity, schools, and charities. There are brief descriptions of the historically interesting buildings.

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