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Whoops! Here we go again.

Back door still ajar if you wish to slip in. Done a lot better this time around, got through a whole year before anyone resigned from the Tisbury Parish Council. Too late now to require that an Election be called. Even so still plenty of time for you and others to submit your names as Candidates. You can do so without the inconvenience of having to stand for Election, for once again it is the privilege of the ‘un- voted for’ sitting Parish Councillors to co-opt whom so ever THEY think the best Candidate.

Could not news of the Vacancy have appeared on the Parish Council Web Site, been mentioned at that Public Meeting held at the Hinton Hall on June 18th? Probably no one would have sought to call an Election, but more openness would have done little harm. Unless of course the BNP might have intended to call for an Election.

contact : John B. Pope
Email : pionono@tiscali.co.uk