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WCW Newsletters

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Welcome to the Wiltshire Community Web Newsletter site!

The links on the left hand side will open the newsletter of your choice.

What to expect:

Training Events Information

Any up and coming training events will be promoted on these newsletters.

If you would like to register for any of the sessions advertised, please contact Sharon Leney by email: info@wiltshirecommunityweb.org.uk or call 01380 722475

Hints and Tips

You have built a site, but what do you do now?

This section will provide hints and tips on promotion, making best use of the facilities of the site and how to add advanced formatting to add that extra something to your site.

Equally, if you have any hints and tips you have discovered whilst creating your site that you would like to share send them to info@wiltshirecommunityweb.org.uk

Spotlight on a Wiltshire Community Web Site

For each newsletter, we will feature a site that has been created on Wiltshire Community Web (WCW)

If you would like to have your site featured in the up and coming issues, then get in touch!

Email us at info@wiltshirecommunityweb.org.uk with a short explanation of your site.

contact : Sharon Leney
Tel : 01380 722475
Email : info@wiltshirecommunityweb.org.uk