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Unitary Authority get Secret Garden

Secret Garden was due for a decision by the Full Meeting of the Council this evening. No idea what happened about that, but whichever it was, The Outgoing Conservative administration of the Council , incurred an un-necessary Financial Obligation that Reserve funds or we the Community Charge Payers will have to pay. That previous Cabinet seemingly acted with undue , if not irresponsible haste. Such was the decision taken, and it serves to illustrate the folly of either returning Councillors on a Party Political Basis, or by default. Last May two different Councillors were elected by default, as none stood against them. The Parish Council Elections were little short of pathetic.

I do not suppose there are any grounds for surcharging last sessions Cabinet Members?


District council regrets unitary decision Salisbury District Council regrets the government's decision to approve Wiltshire County Council's proposal to set up a single local authority for the whole of the county.
Cllr Paul Sample, Leader of Salisbury District Council said; "As someone who twice went up to Westminster to lobby the government, I am disappointed that the case against a single authority has failed to persuade them.
"Now that the issue has been decided, we must concentrate on safeguarding local services. We must also support the staff who have served the residents of
Salisbury and south Wiltshire so well.
"We now need to meet with the county council so that we can ensure a carefully planned transition that safeguards local services. We will work towards an orderly transfer of functions to the new authority when it is set up. "I thank the many other organisations and individuals who supported our case and I am sorry that we were unable to convince the government. We gave it our best shot and it just wasn't enough.
Cllr Steve Fear, Deputy Leader said; "Whatever the structure, effective local government is about understanding and responding to local needs. We are grateful for the high level of support we received from many local people and organisations who agreed with us that a single council for Wiltshire would be too large and bureaucratic. However, that battle is lost and the challenge now is to ensure that the new authority is able to do the best it can for the people of Salisbury and south Wiltshire."
Issued 25 July 2007
For interview, please contact:
Cllr Paul Sample (Liberal Democrat group leader) 07824 518337
Cllr Steve Fear (Labour group leader) 07818 013539
Cllr Fred Westmoreland (Conservative group leader) 01980 624418
Cllr Ted Draper (Independent group leader) 01722 780270.
Press release issued by the Salisbury District Council Press Office

contact : John B. Pope