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Trinity Phoenix

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Trinity Phoenix are a prog / blues rock band from Salisbury. We are an evolution of a local blues rock group after their long-time drummer quit the band after just six gigs, the seventh having been cancelled. His decision to quit hit the remaining band members pretty hard. However, after a break of several months the three remaining members jammed together with a new band called Underwater Buffet which is a more jazz / dub / experimental project. During this time we decided to resurect the rock band as we found an unstable molecular drummer who we contain in a small box that can play backing instruments at the same time. So we have re-vamped a good few of the old 'peoples songs and added some more of or own and the we have risen from the ashes of the deserted faceless people band, which had as many as six members over the five years, as Trinity Phoenix. The demo is due out in the next month or so with gigs starting in the new year hopefully

The band line up currently is: Rob Gardiner: Vocals & Saxophone| Rob Pennells: Guitar & Keyboard| Tiny Dave: Drums & Backing Instryments| Shane Molloy: Bass We practice at the PORTON HOTEL's Stables Bar. Graham, the landlord has been a great help to us. The PORTON HOTEL has a great restaurant with seperate bar that we can recommend highly and we enjoy eating there when we sometimes practice /record all day once in a while

We have a 90 - 120 minute set list of 25 songs which is always growing. We are available for Pub / Club gigs, Private Parties and Fund Rasiers / benefits. DEMO CD's will be available in apprx 1 month! IF YOU NEED A LIVE BAND & HAVE A TASTE FOR DRIVING MELODIC ROCK MUSIC get in touch - all events condsidered!

contact : Shane Molloy
Tel : 01722 417 409
Email : shane.molloy@tiscali.co.uk
Web : view the web site