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28th. oct 2015

A picture for Tisbury-Parking-Lot

15.11.15 Parking issues arising from the public meeting on 28th October 2015 Thank goodness that the Vice Chair of the Tisbury Parish Council, was able to utilise December’s Focus to report on this meeting, and didn’t have to rely on the Parish Council website to propagate the news, for at the time of my writing this, seemingly the last minutes approved by the Parish Council were those of Meeting held on the 10th of September. Since then there have been two October Meetings and two in November, and of course another is due next Tuesday, ( or so Focus advises, for the benefit of those who distrust customary procedures). Is it surprising that so many in the Village show scant interest in Parish Council affairs, when advised so lethargically as to what is going on. Of course if more of us attended Parish Council meetings we’d all thrill to its agenda deliberations.

One appreciates that through traffic ,and a lack of parking outside individual homes inconveniences many, just as it inconveniences my neighbours and I, not to be able to park ‘On the street where we live’ due to the passage of lorries in and out of Chicksgrove Quarry or due to vehicles accessing the railway line. Any spurious parking that residents might have utilised, tends to be occupied by Network Rail Operatives. Is theirs a task without end ? Apparently everyone knows the crossing gates are misaligned, and one hears tell that adjoining land owner would not be uncooperative about rectifying the matter. Possibly the Parish Council might attend such problems, rather than be over concerned about what affects its own more immediate patch.

I recall a while back a Parish Councillor telling that in his experience Parking was always available in the Avenue Car Park, he also researched the parking available at the Railway Station. About then the Village held consultation concerning the proposed purchase of Johnson’s Field for use as car parking, and a picnic area ! Did not the village then tell the Parish Council that it had no wish to purchase Johnson’s Field for either. I do not know who this absentee Johnson is, possible the man who turned ‘his pubs Bowling Alley and former Glove factory, into Bennett Mews. Nor let us forget the former Parish Councillor who seriously proposed the construction of a multi storey car park in the vicinity of the Railway Station.

Through Traffic apart, maybe it is Network Rail that is causing Tisbury’s problems too. Commuter’s cars, some from places even further away than West Tisbury, park in Tisbury Parish, solely so that their drivers can catch the train. It isn’t the concern of Tisbury Parish Councillors to aid and abet their doing so.

Surely all that needs to happen is put a time limit on Parking, in the Avenue Car Park, as there is elsewhere in the village. Possibly expend a fraction of the money seemingly available, on the installation of a ticket issuing slot machine with say a three hour limit, the first hour being free of charge. Where is the problem in that ? Such a scheme would clear the car park of broken down vehicles, and vehicles of businesses that regard the car park as an unlicensed operating yard for trade vehicles. Alternatively the Parish Council might sub let its parking , and its public loos, to some enthused operator on a concessionary basis.

Who is it that keeps pushing the purchase of Johnson’s Field ? Might it be the Tisbury Business Association, whose members are keen to attract custom to their shops ? Should that be so, maybe all of them should club together and buy it, and maintain it. Commuters would all be in favour. Maybe on the other hand it might be better if our village remain a


A corner shop at Wyndham Place might have eased Tisbury traffic, but that got the thumbs down at Parish Council level, cant think why.

Some may have recently returned a Questionnaire. I do not recall being specifically asked if the village had changed its opinion about Johnson’s field. Goodness knows how single minded the ‘over one hundred’ who attended the meeting on 28th October were ?

Surely those who moved here in their retirement years did so, because they liked the place as it was, not because they hoped it would expand, often to the cost of the indigenous population, who as a result now need to look elsewhere for their livelihood if not accommodation. Any village needs a mixed community. I recall way back in the 1960’s that the practical member of our office staff in Reading, was flown to Jersey every weekend because there were too few Indians to work an Island inhabited by Bosses.

Comedy Great: New Road - League of Gentlemen, The ... Probably need to cut and paste. https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=meF7NmfnXZ0 28 Aug 2009 - Uploaded by BBCWorldwide... on the development if the new road go in the local shop to get some ... It's a local village for local people ... Suitable for after watershed viewing.

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