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A picture for Tisbury Parish Council

RENDER UNTO CAESAR. TISBURY PARISH COUNCIL. One reads that our Parish Clerk is having to work in excess of contracted hours. Some years back Tisbury Parish Council issued a general consent concerning Satellite dishes and Allotment sheds, maybe the same might apply to the pruning of Leylandii trees and to the trimming of Willows, for surely the idea of planting the latter in the first place was that they be trimmed as Osiers, not become the concern of Parish Councillors. What business is it of any of them if a home owner wishes to effect internal alterations to their home? Maybe Parish Councils would do better to restrict deliberations to Parochial Management, and leave building consent and domestic affairs to those whom Community Charge Payers pay to legitimately deliberate on such matters. Thus Parish Councils might not only cut the work load of a Parish Clerk., but too better interact with Parishioners. Maybe Tisbury Parish Council in particular sees no need to so interact ,despite that few other than members of the Tisbury Business Association seem willing to offer their services in office of Parish Councillor. Despite good intent, being any sort of a Councillor has become a thankless task especially for those of an Independent mind set. Should there be need for further co-options prior to the next election, it would be an excellent thing to co-opt a candidate from fresh fields and pastures new. It is no good recruiting more of the same. The last Minutes of The Tisbury Parish Council shown on the Council Web Site, are those of the Seventeenth of November 2015. The last Agenda posted was that of the Councilís interim meeting due on 15th.December 2015. The suggestion there in, was that the next full meeting of the Parish Council was scheduled for Tuesday 19th January 2016. Where one might wonder was the Agenda for that latter meeting because at 11.33 on 26th January 2016. It hasnít as yet appeared on the Parish Web site. Did the meeting happen, were decisions made, are we to hear what they were ? If so when, because it was only recently one was able to read of the afore mentioned entries, let alone the October full meetingís Minutes together with detail of the precept for the forthcoming Financial Year. Of course one had wondered what happened to that £2,500 we all contributed to for last yearís Brocante. Apparently that has gone into Reserves. Maybe the money might have better been returned to Community Charge Payers as a credit against next yearís proposed Precept, for my very personal opinion is that it would have been better had it not been collected in the first place. Manifestly the Brocante did well enough under its own funding, which is as it should have been all along. One notes it is projected we spend £280 next year on Web Site development and Maintenance. One wonders why Tisbury didnít avail itself of the web site that used to be funded by the Wiltshire Council, which was run for them by Craven Computers of Swallowcliffe. A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM ? Gosh Quarry Lane Upper Chicksgrove looks so smart now beneath its gleaming Tar macadam, that its Frontagers rather resent, vehicles bespattering it with Mud, but worse was to come .At At 2.59 AM this very morning Network Rails contractors put the Tar macadam to the test by running two very large diggers, with raised bogie wheels, up the road (Though each had arrived on a Lorry). One of the Diggers was driven up and damaged the verge of the Chicksgrove Road and then parked upon the very patch where the wild Oxslip grew.* https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=HBWswwdx3Es Possibly this needs to be cut and pasted into your Web Browser. J.B.P. 26th Jan 2016

contact : John B. Pope