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Can One Afford Them?

A picture for Tisbury-Litter

The Parish Council web site is most welcome, but WHAT OF TISBURY NEWS?

One has noticed a website called Tisbury News. It would be helpful to know who is running this web site, before even thinking of downloading its toolbar, because it has nothing to do with Tisbury News Paper Shop. If all is above board then Tisbury News might be of benefit to all in the locality, for we have lacked twenty first century communication in the village for far too long, and fly posting around the village has become endemic.
Seemingly the
TISBURY LITTERATI Litter the Village with ephemera because there is still no Adequate Notice Board with easy public access, instead the village sprouted a couple of totally inadequate display cases. Why not make proper provision for the Public Need?

Its all very fine for the Parish Council to spend thousands of pounds of our money be it R2 funding , other Grants , or payments from the Precept. but does it have its priorities right ? Can we the Community Charge payers afford its largesse? I am not sure that I can. These are hard times for us all. Maybe this was not the right time to spend thousands of pounds, on the re- erection of a Cricket Pavilion or the purchase of ancillary equipment there for.

Nor thousands more on the purchase of a Shredder and its housing, for what seems not only a totally uneconomic, but too an environmentally unfriendly Composting scheme. Apparently now more composting bays are needed. Is this indicative of the fact that the compost isnít selling as well as it might? The next thing that will happen is that the shredder will be stolen, but fear not we are undoubtedly paying Insurance on it, and will be covered if it causes injury to its operative, providing we have paid for that personís training.

The Bowls club seems one of the Parish Councils regular beneficiaries, and too the Allotments which we were advised would by now be totally self funding. That doesnít seem to be the case so far as last yearís accounts would suggest.

It is always easy to spend money.

Should one be surprised that West Tisbury Parish Council is reluctant to amalgamate with the Tisbury Parish Council? Why should it wish to do so when Tisbury alone pays for all the facilities West Tisbury Parish has benefit of ? I think that Tisbury Parish Council does the best it can, but somehow seems to lack sparkle.

contact : John B. Pope
Email : pionono@tiscali.co.uk