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The Ayes Have it. Yes the Eyes have it

A picture for Tisbury Eyes and Ears

Its interesting to read ‘Village Voices’ in Focus , but from whom do they emanate, come to that which their Village? Tisbury PP, or any of the other Fifteen Parishes listed ? It adds a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the evaluation of such articles if one knows who has written them. There is an interesting attributable piece each month concerning Farming yesterday and today, so why fore anonymity elsewhere ? If not a letter from ‘Tunbridge Wells’ it puts one in mind of ‘the lady from the provinces, referred to in the ‘Mikado’ who ‘doesn’t think she dances but would rather like to try’.

PARISH COUNCIL. Is there an opportunity for her like to perform on the Tisbury Parish Council or not ? Mention is made on the Parish Council Web Site of such a VACANCY. If so surely its an opportunity for some (Tisbury) Village Voice to come out and be counted. Not that there would be need to suffer such an indignity until 2013. Wouldn’t this apparent vacancy be an item of Community News worth a mention in Focus?

CLERGY NOTES advise that early last October members of St.John’s Church sat down to discuss what might be ‘the purpose and focus of Church life for the next few years.’
There is to an invitation to ‘Stop the Vicar and tell him.’
It is discouraging for those be they Clergy or Lay who put their all into something meaningful, only to find that there are none so deaf as those who will not hear. Others like myself are frightfully good at telling people what they should be doing, whilst doing little or nothing ourselves. I cant say I started out that way ‘but gradually got so.’ as I aged. (cf. ‘Pirates.)

The Internet is a wonderful thing, one ‘blogs’ on The South Wilts Community Web Site/Tisbury and elsewhere. Few locally read what one writes, none the less only yesterday I encountered a Portuguese Translation of my blog said to be from the Original GERMAN.( Papalscope is big in Canada too).
Did the Vicar see what I wrote Dec 2008 ‘Mea Culpa’, or ‘Leaderless’ 13.10.2009 or the ‘Vatican can’ 21.10.09 etc. or 31.12 09 or on ‘Child Abuse’ March 2010 and 27.11.09 probably far too busy
I was struck this Sunday morning by the preponderance of the young Persons attending Mass at the Sacred Heart Church in Tisbury, whereas those wending their path to St. Johns seemed no longer as young, or was that an optical illusion. One hears tell that an MP hopes to introduce a Bill into Parliament that would not only abolish the principle of male preference primogeniture, but too emancipate England’s six million Roman Catholics. Its fine for an atheist, Jew or Muslim to marry into the Royal Family or become Prime Minister, but seemingly a Catholic cant, which of course was the problem when George 1V to be, ‘married’ Mrs Fitzherbert. What though of the other ROYAL WEDDING. One Bishop Broadbent is reported to have written this day; ‘ Prince William's marriage to Kate Middleton will only last seven years. Etc.’ IF he did there is another problem for the Church.

Do hope Tisbury’s Vicar has had some response to his invitation ,but Lack -of -communication is Tisbury’s Middle name. We need a Real COMMUNITY MAGAZINE. Hopefully the Freebie ‘VALLEY NEWS ’ run by former Teffont District Councillor David Parker will continue to flourish.

FURTHERMORE the Village still needs a NOTICE BOARD for PUBLIC USE. It’s Parishes are be littered with Fly Posting on many a Pole and Paling. There seems to be plenty of money available to be composted, but little enthusiasm to meet a real PUBLIC NEED.

*(The BVM. is owned by The Daily Mail). Monday, 22 November 2010.