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A picture for Tired out

SCAMMERS ON LINE. 'Hello, my name is Brian. I am calling you from the Technical Department concerning your computer.' Was not the first sentence out of a recent Musical ? I didn't give Brian the chance to tell me which particular scam he thought to be operating, before telling him where he might go. Why is it that BT.Open Reach or if not it then the responsible body, doesn't ban such nuisance callers . Had one today, one yesterday and so on back. Goodness only knows the hours people must waste servicing such harrassment. I know its not PC to say such a thing, but I now have an inclination to put the phone down on some callers the moment one hears their vocal intonation. Maybe we need to purchase the BT8500 advanced call blocker, for it's blurb tells that it 'blocks off ' UP TO 100% of nuisance Calls' That seems no more a recommendation than hearing of some wonder disinfectant that kills off 99% of germs, or items offered for sale that are guaranteed ' For Life.' One knows that some fall for such nonsense.

SKYPE Though 'Skype', isn't entirely reliable here, it tells of persons, mostly young women who are keen to contact me. Naturally I understand my attractiveness to the opposite sex, even so it overwhelmed me to discover the quantum of their accumulative presence in a hitherto unopened recess of Skype. Alas though those women who wished to send money into my Bank Account, for laundering on a commission basis gave up on me a while back.

FLAT TYRE? The Barford side of Dinton, occasioned a rip in one of our car's tyres yesterday. Many thanks to the ten or so drivers who stopped to offer help, including expressing concern as to whether my wife had water with her on what was alleged to be the hottest July 1st ever. Though not astounded by their concern, what did astound was that a tyre company called out, came to the driver's rescue, supplied and fitted a new Michelin Tyre, and did so for less money that a not disimilar tyre cost when supplied and fitted at the workshop by another Salisbury Tyre company earlier in the year. Interesting!

The picture is of punts located at Hemmingford Gray, when the village was in Hunts, rather than Cambridgeshire.There will still be many a punt moored on the booms at the Henley Royal Regatta this weekend, and for the first time in many years, the Regatta Finals can be seen on 'The Red Button' of The Television this Sunday. Alas Snaggers will no longer be commentating.

A picture for Tired out

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