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The Lost Accord

THE LOST ACCORD. December 1st 2006.

Try this for a sound bite
The Lost Chord : Historic Recordings: Part 11: (1912) - 29 April 1912
On Monday, 29 April 1912 Caruso recorded this version of The Lost Chord, ... Sir Arthur Sullivan (1842- 1900) had composed the music for this Adelaide Anne ... www.encyclopedia- titanica.org/lost_chord_caruso.html - 18k - Cached - Similar pages JSTOR: The British Romantics

Seated this day at the computer, my fingers running idly up and down the noisy keys, I thought to revisit the Tisbury Parish Council Web Site, to check up on the Agenda of the Parish Council meeting to be held next Tuesday. There is notice of it on the board outside the Elizabeth Hall, but nothing as yet on line.

However why should I expect to see it there so soon ? For guess what? A Report of the Annual Assembly on 16th May 2006 has only very recently become apparent. Possibly my computer runs less quickly than I thought, for this document does not appear on a print out of the site that I made in error, dated 25/09/2006. Nor had I observed it until today.

Readers of Papalscope may recall that I commented upon that meeting as long ago as last May. One might have thought our Parish Council would have been able to get the Minutes signed and posted on the web rather more quickly than they may have done. Maybe now the Minutes have been re-republished in response to a request to see the Parish Statement of Account. Possibly the Accounts too might appear on the Site ? It would not be unreasonable if postings on the Parish Council Web Site, carried the date they are published thereon.

Item 8 of this Report on the Annual Assembly advises that

‘Work on refurbishment of the lower Recreation Ground Play Park was due to start shortly, and payment was made in March to the Project Manager. This cost and costs relating to the works are being met by R2 Funding ( the sums of money put aside by developers for amenities in the community and held by Salisbury D.C.* )

Clearly my memory is rather worse that I realised, for I do not now recall any mention, at the Parish Assembly that such a large payment had been made. Even the Minutes I now refer to, make no mention of the sum of money involved, whilst lesser sums such as £1540 to the Joint Burial Board, and £500 paid towards maintenance of the Swimming Pool, are specified. I do recall seeing a Parish Council Agenda for a different meeting that mentioned there was to be consideration given to money owed to a Project Manager, and that apparently it was something that might better have been attended earlier. Probably any payment due was agreed at that meeting.

In response to an enquiry the Parish Clerk advised that this cheque for £2,391.00 paid for the SERVICES of a Project Manager for the Lower Recreation Ground Playground Scheme. The monies were approved by Salisbury DC from R2 funds and related to such items as:

‘ROSPA report liaison, Technical drawings and specification, Site meeting with contractors, Discussion with the Environment Agency, Wiltshire Wild Life Trust, Electricity Board, Highways Authority, Local Clubs, e.g. football, English Heritage, Salisbury DC. Re planning application for ramp to bridge.

*{This R2 funding also purchased an automatic etc. This would not have been part of cheque for £2,391.00 paid out})

‘Uncle Tom Cobley and All’ seemingly feature on this list. One may wonder about this Planning Application for Ramp to Bridge. I have no idea what that relates to; hopefully it is not the bridge the Parish Council dreamed up to run alongside Poole Bridge in connection with the proposed housing development at Station Works. That apart, where in lies cost to an amount of £2,391.00., is it all for Services, or is some of it for postage and packing, Stationery and Display, that sort of thing? I wonder what percentage of the total cost of the Play Area this money represents ?

I wonder still whether ‘ Parish Councillors were cognisant of the size of the bill they had been running up by outsourcing the overseeing of the project?’ It would surprise me to hear that they were, if they were would it not have been good practice to advertise for the services of a Project Manager? Why did that not happen anyway? Possibly other would-be Project Managers might have offered their services on a competitive basis.

I am indebted further to the Parish Clerk for confirmation that
‘the monies were approved by Salisbury DC from R2 funds’. The first public manifestation of that seemed to be at a recent enough meeting of the District Council when such money was requested, and approbation sought that some of it was to be ‘ear marked’ to be paid to a Project Manager.

How on the earth could it have been possible to advise the Village last May that the Project was funded from R2 cash. if that application has only recently been approved by the District Council? ‘Our’ cheque was paid out on 7th.March, seemingly long before the R2 Funding had been officially requested let alone been approved.

It is a fine thing in life for me or others of my ilk to sit back and criticise those who are doing the best they can. Parish Councillors give their services freely, and might feel they do not deserve to be hassled. However have they developed an inclination to exceed their remit? They are not a Planning Authority, but an accredited body in Office to convey local opinion back to the District Council.

It would be regrettable if any Parish Council developed its own an agenda. This Village needs more proper access to its Parish Councillors. It is unacceptable to have to filter ones views through any third Party, such as the Parish Clerk. If you are unwilling to make yourself accessible, please do not bother to offer your Services next May. It should not be necessary to have to publish perceived woes, real or imaginary, over the internet.

However Milton Tells:
‘They also serve who only stand and wait’

Hear it here;
(click His Blindness then Audio

And then of course Try BBC.co.uk BBC - WW2 People's War - 'They Also Serve Who Only Stand and Wait ... Keeping an eye on the sky The ROC posts were dotted around the countryside. The red spitfire award Aircraft ... www.bbc.co.uk/ww2peopleswar/stories/95/a 2027495.shtml - 19k - Cached - Similar pages

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