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Political Correctitude

POLITICAL CORRECTITUDE. Thoughts must be with those our Sailors kidnapped by Iran. Let us hope for their early release.

I know the Arab race to be one of Intellectual Talent and past Artistry. A People to whom, we in the West owe much. However as a Nation, its ways are not our ways. If mine is the voice of bigotry, their shameful treatment of our Sailors performing under the Terms of a United Nations Mandate, has hardened my contrary attitude. Further more their action has precipitated re- consideration of the validity of our association with the United Nations. Is it any more use than was its predecessor the League of Nations ?

One lives and we should all hopefully learn. Until this incident occurred it seemed reasonable to me that if; the USA, France, Russia, China, Pakistan, India, Israel, etc not so far to have mentioned our saintly selves; are entitled to maintain a Nuclear Capability whether it be for Peace or War; then surely any other sovereign land should be likewise entitled. That sort of decision is one for others to arrive at, but I have recently joined the ‘non-contents’.

There is another little lesson to be learned from this incident. Women should not be involved in what might become a confrontational issue. Fortunately Men and Women are different, and I have long been an admirer of that. It is not a question of whether Man and Woman, is superior or inferior to the other, but merely that it is innate in the Animal species, that the male is protective of the female. I do not doubt that not only does man’s protective instinct for women and children leave a Serviceman open to emotional blackmail, but that such a presence in their midst could compromise their own safety.

Our Country has gone too far down the Road of Political Correctness in every Department of State. It is time to call a halt. One needs Leadership not spurious equality. Where will that be found?

Some weeks ahead Prime Minister Blair is to resign. Who is to replace him? One hears mention of Gordon Brown and of ‘Will he won’t he’?

Which the face of her Majesty’s Opposition?
The Liberal Party has a leader described as being too old. The Conservatives have David Cameron who seemingly does not command universal support in his Party. Suggestions are made of superficiality and of a lack of conviction.

I as but a man in the street, if not quite on it after all these years under our current Leadership; recognise that none of our Reserve Team is in the least inspiring. Even those of us who did not care for Mrs Thatcher’s policies, do recognise her qualities of Leadership . I would be surprised had she suffered Iran so long.

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