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The Idyllists

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Welcome to my Homepage. The aim of this site is to establish a useful reference point for those interested in the painters of the so called 'Idyllic School.' If you share my interest, wish to discuss these painters, contribute information or ask a question then please email me using the link below. Please also join the mailing list (link top left) and I will email you occasional news updates.

*** Latest addition: A Painter in West Somerset by Berta Lawrence from the Exmoor Review 1984 ***

The idyllists (or Idyllic School) were a group of British Victorian painters and illustrators including J W North RWS ARA, Fred Walker RWS ARA, George Pinwell RWS, R W Macbeth, Hubert Herkomer RA, Lionel Smythe and the writer Richard Jefferies.

You will find information here about the Royal Academy, Royal Society of Painters in Watercolours, Victorian Water Colours, OW Paper and Arts Company, Victorian Artists and painters.

I hope you find something of interest.

Steve Milton 03/03/15

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