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A picture for The AV Referendum

I was curious to see precisely why Spell Check placed a wavy red line beneath my house name every time I wrote a letter heading. Seemingly it suspected the name of the house was more properly spelled ‘Windbags.’

Even so; These are important times for Democracy. Our Lords of Coalition have decreed that there is to be a referendum concerning the voting process. The motion being the introduction of the single alternative vote at Parliamentary Elections, which possibly in/advisably has been coupled with the proposition that the number of seats in the Lower House be reduced by fifty. Seemingly the latter is disadvantageous to Her Majesty’s Opposition, and it likes it not.

One suspects that the Senior Partner in Government, having itself no wish for the introduction of the AV system, is hoping that by coupling the two propositions as one, the vote in favour of the AV system would be diminished. Already Her Majesty’s Opposition would seemingly renege on its Election Manifesto, the which favoured that AV system. Would it be discourteous to suggest that both Parties to the disagreement are more interested in feathering their respective nests, than promoting the better interest of the Electorate ?

I vote Conservative at Elections on the basis that its form of Governance is the best ON OFFER, however I am too in a ‘spiritual’ alliance with those who are unwilling to vote at Election Tide because they have little affinity with any of the Political Parties or with their manifestoes, even before any have been reneged upon them.

It is a long time since the Liberals (Liberal Democrats) held sway in this country, did the Party meet its Waterloo after the sale of those Peerages, which entitled the ‘hoi polloi’ to seats in the Upper House, providing sufficient contribution was made to Liberal Party Funds?

Amidst that Noble assemblage have been many who otherwise served their King and Country. I believe an exceedingly distant member of my own family was ennobled for marrying one of Mrs Villiers’ progeny. Her King never letting her children go without his patronage.

Should an alliance of the heirs to immorality and the relicts of failed Governance, all be they tempered by twenty six Lords Spiritual and other ennobled Members, have any part to play in the Governance of this Country? Surely not. One of course needs a second chamber to curb the excesses of Party Politics, but how one acquires it, is not the question of the moment.

There are those who consider AV will produce ineffective Government, bit like our current coalition. Well that may or may not be the case, but strong Government has been disastrous for the well being of U.K. PLC. What became of the proceeds when the Conservatives sold off the ‘family silver’? Is our country the better for the denationalisation of The Railways, Electricity, Water ,Gas, Our Council Houses, Oil etc. May be maybe not however something else Lord MacMillan had to say about the matter was;
‘When I ventured to criticise, the other day, this system I was , I am afraid, misunderstood. As a Conservative, I am naturally in favour of returning into private ownership and private management all those means of production and distribution which are now controlled by state capitalism. I am sure they will be more efficient. What I ventured to question was the using of these huge sums as if they were income’

It was our current Electoral Process that gave us Tony Blair and Gordon Brown , and all their works, for which we and our soldiers are currently one way or another paying the price.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011