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TISBURY TRAFFIC. One reads of new regulations that will restrict the speed of Traffic in Tisbury to 20mph. Thank heavens the regulation doesn’t require one to attain a speed of 20mph, for seldom does that prove to be a possibility.

No doubt such regulation will encourage ‘Do Gooders’ to emerge from our community intent of aiming speed cameras in the face of passing motorists, an infestation long evident in Dinton, a village that can’t even be bothered to raise a sufficiency of Parish Councillors. At least they know better than attempt to use their speed cameras when its raining, which is more than can be said of a rain sodden couple seen in Shrewton yesterday afternoon, attempting their good works to perform, beneath the shelter of a dripping umbrella.

Whilst attempting to drive to there yesterday, one almost immediately came upon a crash at Lower Chicksgrove. One knows not the details, however the accident sufficed to see the road closed by attendant Police, who apparently had insufficient signage to prevent traffic leaving Quarry Lane Upper Chicksgrove, finding that it had to reverse all the way back from Lower Chicksgrove to Upper Chicksgrove’s Q.L. before it could turn around to exit the village via Ridge.


I have now twice witnessed crashes precisely where that one occurred yesterday, and once saw a lady turn her car over at the top of Quarry Lane, Upper Chicksgrove. It was interesting to see her explaining the matter to her partner the next day. Another time a man off a motor bike was killed at that same spot.

I seem to recall a former local Police Officer saying that his wife was too scared to use this stretch of road, presumably because she was aware of the number of accidents that occurred thereon ? Time and Time again cars sweep around the corners of the Tisbury/Dinton Rd. doing so at excessive speed, driven more often than not , by Ladies and Gentlemen old enough to know better, rather than by boy racers. Further more that ‘T’ Junction down to Fovant at the old ‘Seat of Regional Government‘, is another accident Black Spot. This of course no concern of Tisbury in particular, even so it’s a matter for general concern.

Road safety is a prime concern for one and all. It bemuses me to see that the length of road between Lower Chicksgrove and Dinton is more frequently repaired than the length that stretches between Lower Chicksgrove and Tisbury. One wonders too why it seemed more necessary a while back, to refurbish the Avenue in Tisbury, much of which is deemed to be a parking area, rather than refurbish more deserving roads.

One yet again wonders about that festering topic of there being a road off Hindon Lane, through the so called Wyndham Place, and the Churchill Estate. Who on the earth thought to expose the residents of both the Wyndham Place and the Churchill Estate to such life endangering traffic. Possibly it was those who thought it a good idea to establish ‘The Tisbury Campus’ at the former Nadder Middle School. Its not just a Campus for Tisbury Folk, but one that will service the communities of many surrounding areas. No wonder there is talk of Tisbury being upgraded to become a ‘Town’.

Yesterday afternoon there was a very large lorry all but entirely blocking the ‘T’ junction of the road that runs by Farmer Giles to intersect with the Tisbury/ A 303 road. This Lorry had its hazzard light flashing, its engine running, whilst it’s driver phoned his manager for directions. One did suggest to him that he was committing at least four offences under the Road Traffic Acts, he was good enough to shift his vehicle when asked so that there was at least a possibility of squeezing by, despite that he saw no fault in parking on the intersection, and blocking the road to more than just the one car whose drivers hoped to pass by, nor with using his phone whilst his engine was running. ‘Do I look as though I’m driving Man ?’ he asked. 20th August 2015.

contact : J.B.Pope