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A picture for TISBURY CAMPA

One has detected a 'Lowing' of discontent in the village concerning the Campus Project, A displayed questionnaire posted at the bottom of the High Street which would seem to criticise the Unitary Authority for force feeding us the idea. Oh where was 'S. Lowing' when I first expressed my doubts on the project when it was promulgated years back, not by the County but by our then un-elected Parish Council.

That body seemed keen to buy the Nadder School premises for something in the region of 300,000. Further to that figure,would have been other costs associated with refurbishment and the installation of a new boiler. There was a Meeting to which I, as a complainant, was invited by County Council Officers. I spoke against the idea, and for my pains was ticked off by the then Chair of the Tisbury Parish Council in whose opinion, I had no businessto be attending the meeting, let alone to speak at it.

One can only speak for oneself. Yes Tisbury Parish and its dis-associated West Tisbury could do with a Community Centre, however surely the Nadder School Premises isn't Central to any of us. Its approach road through the Churchill Estate is little short of Diabolical, and having a second entry through Wyndham Place will add to the furore rather that ease the Traffic. Pray heaven I am wrong, but believe it or not there is going to be an RTA en route at some time.I used to own a House at Bennett Mews which backed on to the bottom of the Churchill Estate, the then occupier of that house used to cower, fearful that the school bus would be embedded in the wall of her home. Having the Nadder Hall is fortuitous so hopefully it will remain viable without the rent the Brethren used to pay for its hire, however one suspects that without The Campus it will struggle.

I gather through my wife that too few in the village have any use for this Campus. Many residents have no wish to see their Library and Council Offices at the top of Mount Tisbury. Apart from anything else how are we to access the place? A while back the suggestion was that Tisbus would run a shuttle service up and down the Hill. Whilst at it maybe the Parish Council could run a lorry up the Hill to feed Garden Waste to 'Marjorie' the voraciously expensive, evironmentally un-friendly Compost Heap. As things are there's an open air Swim Pool on site, illuminated Tennis Courts, a Cricket 'Pitch' and Pavilion, A Sports Centre, and a Start Rite, and C of E Primary School, and of course the Nadder Hall and a Games Area. All other than Marjorie are assets. One might mention that other assets are the Playing Field at the Bottom of the High Street. The splendid Children's Play Area adjoining. The Social Club, The Bowls Club, The Youth Club. Even West Tisbury has its Stubbles Play Area. Tisbury Parish Council recently gave forty thousand pounds to finance a Cricket Pavilion at Fonthill Bishop. I would be very interested to hear who owns the Freehold of that Cricket Pitch. One suspects that it belongs to the Margadale Estate, if so, so does the Cricket Pavilion financed by 'our' forty thousand. Would I be right to say that Fonthill Bishop is a Parish-less enclave which might better be integrated with its neighbour?

Then of course there are the variously owned Victoria and Elizabeth Halls, The Hinton Hall ,The Methodist Hall etc. One way or another all these facilities have to be paid for . Frankly I find our Community Charges far and away too high already, without having further expenditure thrust upon us. Our Village needs work opportunities rather than further facilities for Retirees such as I.

Tisbury and its surrounding area is growing apace, new and younger families will create a demand for more Primary School Places. Whether or not Tisbury needs these places now, I know not, but only this week the National Newspapers were reporting a massive need for them overall. The school at the top of Mount Tisbury is well run by the Church of England, and I am sure it has its reasons for things remaining as they are, however it might seem to the uninitiated that the old Nadder School would better accommodate an extention to the Cof E Primary School.

Local Governance is about Planning for the future, not merely about the convenience of the here and now. We actually elected a Parish Council last May, so hopefully it will heed the voice of Public Opinion, as well as that of the Tisbury Business Association.

It really would be nice if communications between Town and Council Gown were better. A while back Dinton Parish Council sought a new name for a Development, and had the courtesy to ask the Village to suggest names for it , and they did. Tisbury's last unelected Parish Council sought no advice, and decided to name what was once Grosvenor Land as Wyndham Place. Its so doing is already proving to be a complication for the two other Wyndham addresses in this immediate area, so will probably inconvenience Wyndham Place too. If the Village really wishes to name a Housing Estate after another of my ascendent Cousins , might I suggest Finetta Hyde, which name would humourously complement 'Lady Down(e)'. The Photographs are of a recent visitor to Quarry Lane Upper Chicksgrove, and of that famed Cricket Pavilion, which when recently visited looked much the same.

A picture for TISBURY CAMPA

contact : John B. Pope
Email : pionono@tiscali.co.uk