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The Fall of the House of TisVis ?
Happened to notice last Sunday morning that the notice board hosted by the Newsagent’s Shop side wall, and occupied by the TisVis questionnaire had fallen to the ground. An event anticipated by its covering glass, which had fallen several weeks previously, where smashed it had remained, a hazard to one and all. Alas ‘never no more’ as some ‘Do Gooder’ took it down to the glass bank in the car park. Possibly someone took the notice board down a purpose, planning to cast the TisVis questionnaire into obscurity, in the light of some new regime of local consultation? Hopefully that doesn’t mean that several more thousands of pounds are to spent. I would still be interested to see exactly where we spent so much money before, and so understand why the Tisbury Parish Council had to come to TiVis’ eventual financial assistance.

Local Consultation is a fine thing, however if local governance ignores local opinion, as it has done in the matter of the Tisbury Campus, why bother. Not sure how there can even be a local plan for Tisbury and West Tisbury for they are different places. Central Tisbury has nothing to do with West Tisbury. One sees that that latter Parish Council seeks a replacement Parish Clerk, after the long service of a predecessor, at a now estimated salary of say £2,080 per annum. Probably fair enough but is West Tisbury really necessary ? Surely it might better legitimise its voice in Tisbury Village affairs if there was but one joint Parish Council, one Parish Clerk, and maybe twelve Parish Councillors between us. A while back Tisbury Parish Council reckoned that it needed all of fifteen Councillors, which obviated the need to have any sort of an election for Parish Councillors within the residential span of many.

REFERENCE CONSULTATION TISBURY ADVISED TisVis that it had no wish for Housing to be Built at Station Works.

TISBURY PARISH was fortunate to have an election last May, some swanned back into office, others scraped in, and already per circumstance we have had our first co-option. Seemingly of the man who was first among the unelected last May. There were I believe two other candidates, it is a pity that one is unaware of their names. No ignominy attaches to non selection, but surely the local electorate might have been advised whom the other two were. Whilst all welcome our new Parish Councillor, I have a slight reservation concerning the fact that he is the current Chairman of the Tisbury Business Association. My problem with that is that quite a few of the other Parish Councillors are members of the Tisbury Business Association too. Did such persons declare their membership, or were they disbarred from voting ? One needs to avoid the Business Association being too strongly represented on the Tisbury Parish Council. It is a good thing to get a different mind sets on local affairs.

I have had my knife in this scheme from the outset. The Wild Life Lobby’s suggestion was that every garden should have its own compost bin, there was no suggestion that it would be beneficial to start Marjorie the Garbage Heap at the top of Mount Tisbury. Successive ‘unelected’ Parish Councils have been spending our money on an un-eco-friendly venture. After having received a ‘Grant’ of was it £2,500, which as Tax Payers know, comes not from their pockets but from the Fairies, the Parish Council has been bailing the project out , to the tune of £500 per annum from Its Precept. How much compost was sold in the end, what the explanation of credits marked ‘Donations.’ ? I have been moaning about Marjorie since when ever. Possibly within the last twelve month , I happened upon a Parish Councillor buying a newspaper, who assured me there was no suggestion of the Compost Heap being put out of its misery, thankfully the lady was wrong. Its good to read in Focus that B.K has been able to sell off on ebay that shredder for which we paid c.£1,000. I do not doubt the accounts will reveal what our financial loss on that machine was. Maybe it was bought by a Scrap Metal Dealer. One understands the Composting Team has put a lot of hard work into their Project. No blame attaches to them, nor really to the Parish Councillors who possibly unwisely, initiated the scheme, but one may wonder what those Parish Councillors who continued to support a failed project for so long, thought they were up to.

Scouts £200, seemingly not for Tents after all, but Cooking Equipment. Sir John’s Church £150 for lighting, which of course is money on top of our substantial payment recently made for the refurbishment of the Church Fabric. Good Neighbour Scheme £150 for help fund hours worked in Tisbury, in Particular at Nadder Close. I always thought the Good Neighbour Scheme was mostly ‘woman-ed’ by volunteers. Well that’s all very fine for seemingly it all adds up to but £500. So balancing the saving on the Compost Heap.

What did we do with all that expensive lighting we bought for Christmas 2012, how did the Parish benefit from sending someone on a training course in order that he would know how to hang such illumination. One hopes to hear who actually owns that Cricket Pavilion we paid toward substantially at Fonthill Bishop. Did we make a gift of the money to the Fonthill Estate or what ? Hope it was no sort of a judgement on our largesse that the roof of our own Cricket Pavilion was recently damaged.

contact : John B. Pope
Email : pionono@tiscali.co.uk