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A picture for St Modwyns Station Works Site

Those who attended that Meeting at the Victoria Hall on Wimbledon Saturday, or even read that very interesting letter on page 33 of this months VALLEY NEWS * should be aware that moves are a foot to resurrect The St. Modwyn Property Company's proposal for a mixed development of both Housing and Employment on the Old Parminter Site, probably more correctly called the Station Works site, and other areas to both the North and South of Tisbury Station. One hears beguiling talk of AFFORDABLE HOUSING being made available for local people who need accommodation. What though is Affordable Housing, and is it affordable to you ?

The internet has failed me as to who it was who had as a catch phrase ' Not you Mama, sit down!' but the sentiment seems to apply to AFFORDABLE HOUSING, for if you need to ask its price, you cant afford it.

Quote from The Independent Newspaper 4th.Dec 2013. A very senior civil servant in what was, in the 1980s, the department now known as Communities and Local Government, had a recurrent nightmare. He said

“I used to wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat”(for) “In my dream someone is demanding that I define the term ‘affordable housing’…”
There is only one category which really fits the cap: social housing for rent, either by councils or housing associations. Or it used to be ,because the “bedroom tax” has created questions even about the affordability of social housing. For all other purposes, however, “affordable” is a moveable feast

. The ever-helpful Wikipedia offers the following definition: “Affordable housing is housing deemed affordable to those with a median household income”. Which is the point that separates the 50 per cent lowest earners from the Other Half.
The Median Income in SALISBURY WILTS . £20,203.00 or If two are working £40,000.00. Average Household Spending (Off. Nat Stats.)
£473.60 pw, but for 52 weeks £24,627.20 £24,627.20. ________________________________ ______ MINUS £ 4,424.20 £15,372.80 _______________________________________

According to THE NATIONWIDE ON LINE MORTGAGE CALCULATOR a first time buyer of a property valued at £160,000.00 with a deposit of £10,000 seeking a mortgage of £140,000 over a period of 30 years, could have a choice of 16 different offers, repayments on which could be anything between £683.80 and £794.02 per calendar month, i.e a minimum of £8,196.00 per annum.(e&oe.)

Lets have a look at what is available in Tisbury for £160,000. Well there is a one bedroom yet to be built coach house ( which requires no stamp duty) There are two flats available, and a 25% shared ownership of a terrace house in Marylands Avenue (So Valued @ £100,000 ?) on such a property one pays both Mortgage and Rent. Unfortunately would be buyers have just missed two lesser priced bungalows.

That's all very straight forward. All one needs besides a sufficient income to service the Mortgage is the £10,000 deposit and a mere £2,382.24 to cover both Solicitors Fees and Stamp Duty (e&oe). IS NOT THE WORLD ONES OYSTER ?


*THE SALISBURY WILTON AND VALLEY NEWS, has just become a Tabloid, having gone from strength to strength. It was started by its current Editor David Parker, a sometime Independent District Councillor for Teffont, ( after him the Seat went Blue.) It has become a far better read that either of the Avon Titles; The Salisbury Journal, or The Blackmore Vale Magazine, for it reports on local issues rather than inconsequential fripperies, and what is more its a Freebie. Hopefully The Daily Mail wont soon be making it an offer its owners' can't refuse. The only local paper I know of similar worth is Mr Currie's New Milton and Lymington Times, but that costs all of 40p. A week!

I hoped to collar a photo for The Lymington Times last week, for whilst a young lady was demonstrating her Hoola Hooping Act on stage, a voice from behind called out 'Barry,Barry, come up and have ago', and rather sportingly Barry did. Nor sure how many others in the audience realised that the said Barry Chairs The Cabinet Portfolio of the New Forest District Council.
4th.August 2014.

contact : John B. Pope
Email : pionono@tiscali.co.uk