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Funding Sought.

Another Supplicant at Tisbury Parish Assembly was; ST. JOHN’S CHURCH TISBURY,
It sought a grant of £175,000 towards the levelling of its floor, heating and provision of a disabled access Loo. This proposal had a mixed reception. One of the previously mentioned Bouncy Persons, was against the idea seemingly on the basis that if there was no money forthcoming for a fitness and aerobics studio at the Sports Centre, why should things be different for the Church when there were other Public Spaces available. (such as the Nadder Hall ?)

This tempted another to attempt to arbitrate the cause with the interesting information that he was well known for not indulging in aerobics, fitness, dancing, nor did he suffer from Pilates, indeed was so personally disinterested that he was not merely lapsed C of E but too a lapsed Catholic. The Sage went on to say that the difference was that the Church had been not only the spiritual but too the Civic Heart of the Village for eight hundred years, and that he hoped that he would see it so for the next eight hundred. That latter remark drew a sigh from a former Vice Chair of the Parish Council who thought that the Sage was suggesting he was minded to further bore on until then.

Surely The Parish Church should receive the money it requests, because regardless of its sectarian spiritual connotations both Catholic and Protestant, the building is representative of the culture that formed us all, be we indigenous to the area or incomers. Its never easy to differentiate between the two. I moved here totally unaware that the Robert Hyde of Dinton to whom our family supplied a bride in 4th May 1674 emanated from Tisbury and Heale House. The fact that there is a very fine Memorial Brass to Laurence Hyde’s Family in Tisbury Church is neither here nor there, for my interest in the Church is purely altruistic.

The Best Comment made that evening was ‘that this £400,000 shouldn’t be frittered away, for we won’t see its like again’ ( But some money may come from the Station Works Site should that too fall to Mammon). 18 May 2012 14:31