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South West Coastal Sailing

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South West Coastal Sailing is designed to give people information about the best coastal sailing locations within easy reach of anywhere in the south west. All of the locations are within three and a half hours drive of Salisbury however most journeys are shorter than this. All the areas have detailed write ups on our site and have easy access to excellent facilities such as showers and toilets. The access to the slipway is also very good in all the locations and so launching and coming back in are not a problem.

The site also lists many other sailing clubs where one can learn to sail using the royal yachting association's (RYA) dinghy sailing courses. These courses are recognised worldwide and are one of the only qualifications that one can acquire for dinghy sailing. These schools have RYA trained instructors and offer a safe haven for young sailors to learn in.

We also have a page called 'Getting Started' which offers information on sailing as well as a guide to choosing a boat which offers advice on the best dinghy for you.