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Yellow Card

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Seemingly the locals amuse themselves by playing some sort of game called Football of a Saturday afternoon. It has a similarity to a game I used to play called ‘Rugby’. Whilst players of the latter game are allowed to pick up the ball and run with it, the former game’s rules prohibit anyone handling the thing, unless it be the Goalie ,or the hand be that of God. My earlier mentioned Yellow Brick Road also passed Tisbury United’s playing field, affording me the opportunity to study its finer points. Apparently a football field needs to be on a lateral North South Slant, and have Bunkers here and there as might a Golf Course, and on no account should it be properly drained. Is it any wonder that Professional Footballers are paid as much as they are, if they first have to master such primitive facilities?

At that same time one was in the immediate vicinity of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church from whence came the sound of hymn singing. I can’t recall which the hymn was, but the tune might equally well have accommodated the wording of ‘We plough the fields and scatter’ Unless of course that was what they were singing. Such thought minded me an earlier suggestion that maybe something might be done by the Parish Council to improve the Football field .

Possibly Tisbury United Football Club is happy with its circumstance, and would be appalled should anyone suggest that the field be levelled and properly drained. TISBURY Parish Council keeps spending its funds on a Cricket Club in an adjoining Parish, and too upon the Tisbury Bowls Club, and once on the lights for the Tennis Courts. What though of the football field? Has anyone ever consider doing the aforementioned works and then ‘Re- seeding For Better Grass?’*

There is talk of some four hundred thousand pounds coming the way of Tisbury Parish Council from R2. Funding. Can not some of this be put to the improvement of this Tisbury Parish Council own Asset, rather than investing so much of its funding on what rightly or wrongly, I presume to Lord Margadale’s Property in Fonthill? No doubt someone holds a lease on this land.

I have lived here twenty nine years but as yet I haven’t fathomed what the Tisbury Social and Football club is. Obviously due to my a-sociability the fault is all mine .However what a splendid ‘Campus’ Tisbury might have if the Catholic Church was minded to come to some agreement , whereby the Village. (Yes West Tisbury too), might have a purpose built Village Hall, on the site of Canon Thomas’ allotment patch. Such a site might incorporate the Tisbury Social Club, by projecting out as far as the Football pitch. Wherein to accommodate changing areas, showers and the oft vaunted café facility, and the Social Club Bar, and a Hall suited to local requirements. If Dinton and Charlton can provide themselves with a Hall, Why oh Why cant we ? Maybe its because the village can’t get either its Parishes or seemingly its acts together.

Were it possible to have a Hall such as is proposed , it would benefit from easy pedestrian access and too the availability of the Council Car Park. This would all cost a lot of money and the undoubtedly need the goodwill of the Catholic Church, however both Church and Village would benefit from any such arrangement. Tisbury people have the use of several halls some privately owned others being in the hands of Trustees. I have no idea how viable most of them are, but all could run more economically beneath but the one roof. One hears tell that the badly located Nadder Hall could not balance its books were it not for the usage the Plymouth Brothers put the place to.

Parish Councillors have a lot on their hands without this, but none of us should metaphorically be ‘Fiddling whilst Rome Burns’ Like it or like it not , Tisbury has changed and will continue so to do. The only point of having a Village Plan is that one uses it to plot the way ahead.


*(film studied for A level Biology.)