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Salisbury Fencing Club

The Salisbury Fencing club caters for sport fencers in the three weapons: foil, epee and sabre. Both experienced fencers and beginners are welcome in all age groups from 8 upwards. The club has its own equipment, including electrics for use by its members.

The club meets at the Westwood Sports Centre, Salisbury on Mondays. Juniors are welcome between 7pm and 8pm and adults between 8pm and 9pm. Due to the popularity of these sessions, the club now meets additionally on Thursdays 7:00pm to 10:00pm at the same venue

If you fancy yourself as a quick modern duellist with a flashing blade in your hand, then fencing is for you. There is no real advantage to be gained in mere brute strength tactics - this is a sport of speed and finesse. Control of movement, quickness of thought and execution can in great measure overcome the lack of height, reach or strength. Fencing is equally suitable for both sexes who can fence together on equal terms under the same rules.

Find out more at the official web site of Salisbury Fencing Club

contact : Mr. G. Russell
Tel : 01980 862355