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A picture for Politics and Politicians


There are many definitions for Politics. One of the more realistic is attributed first to Otto Von Bismarck, the German Prussian Politician on the 11th.August 1867, and was later used by R.A.Butler in 1971.

‘Politics is the art of the possible.’

When out campaigning for the Conservatives on the Isle of Wight in May 1979, and for an Independent Candidate in a New Forest District Council Election that same time, and when helpfully delivering Leaflets in Tisbury for an Independent Candidate last May; and come to that delivering leaflets for ‘TisVis’ . One was struck by the interest so many expressed in ‘POLITICS’, even though they denied its terminology. The cry about the houses was.

‘No No, They are all in it for themselves’

From elsewhere came the news that

‘Parish Councillors were but a load of busy bodies’ and another time ‘ That they were in it for the Money’ (There is none)

Things have gone disastrously wrong. It seems likely that the Electorate has chosen to divorce itself from the machinations of Politicians and Party Politics at every level, and confused both cases with Politics.

Political Parties being now seen either as a vehicle for the self advancement of the ambitious, or as an umbrella that the ‘Cautious in Adversity’ huddle beneath; whereas each Party should provide the opportunity for meaningful participation in Government at every level.

It was Senator CARL SCHURZ, who remark in the American Senate, February 29, 1872,

‘My country, right or wrong; if right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right’

Similarly this sentiment should equally apply to any Political Party one might choose to support. I usually vote for a Conservative Candidate at Parliamentary Elections, but eased myself out of Political Party Membership many years ago, being unwilling to be associated with the then uncritical pervading atmosphere.*

In my experience all the Party I had first joined in the Early 1950s. wanted was but money and foot soldiers. Politics was seemingly none of our business. I write this as a one time Committee Member in another place. It does not surprise me that any who still bother to vote, seem content to merely take ‘Pot Luck’ at the Ballot Box. Awhile back I received an interesting response from a Correspondent who advised me.

‘the line taken is that of independent thought untrammelled by politics. Perhaps recent issues have been weighted by the activities of the Party in power but independence is the rule and we have had many Councillors, several becoming Mayors, over the years. I wonder what gave you the impression that we were Party political?’

Untrammelled by Politics? With great respect what on the earth did my correspondent think he was involved in if not Politics. Politics is Politics whether it be independently thought or not. I regret that I must have given the impression that I accused him of Party Politics. That was certainly not my case.

When the Next Election is called Tisbury and Fovant Ward will no longer be under the watchful eye of the Member for Salisbury. Now is the time for us to acquaint ourselves of the Candidates who may next be offering us their Services, otherwise Tisbury and Fovant Ward will be presented with a ‘Fait accompli’

* ‘Mrs Thatcher, well who else is there?’ said not in tones of admiration but despair’

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Email : pionono@tiscali.co.uk