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A picture for Planning-Consultation

Republished here are the first two paragraphs of a release from the Local Government Associations Media Office found in the xPRESS Digest BR> . The which I encountered only yesterday. It may well be of interest to others. National Rural Enterprise Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire (UK) CV8 2RR
t +44 (0)24 76 696986 e info@ruralnetuk.org w www.ruralnetuk.org

Local people must not be ignored on planning - LGA Responding to the British Chamber of Commerce’s Get Britain Moving campaign, and its call for the quick implementation of an independent planning commission to make decisions over vital national infrastructure developments, Cllr Paul Bettison, chairman of the Local Government Association’s Environment Board, said: ‘There are a very few major projects such as airports or motorways which are of vital national importance, and councils accept that these developments have repercussions which are felt far beyond local authority boundaries. But they will also have a huge impact on local areas, and the views of local people must not be ignored. Councils are at the forefront of attempts to get Britain moving. Improved transport links are imperative if we are to regenerate our great towns and cities. But it is equally important that an independent planning commission’s scope is limited to projects of genuine national significance. The rest should be left to local councils and local people.’

13 August 2007

Papalscope is however a sucker for any web site willing to publish its own enthralling verbosity, so countered with the following:

John B. Pope Says:
August 13th, 2007 at 7:15 pm
Airports, Nuclear Power Stations, Power Lines, Hydro Electric Projects, New Roads and Motorways, Out of Town Shopping Centres, Wind Farms, new Towns, and Housing Estates . Well not in our backyard of course, possibly elsewhere though.

The list can run on ad infinitum and of course everyone is against everything. I have a house and do understand that others are at least entitled to a roof over their head. There was a time when even the poorest could find themselves accommodation be it only a hovel. However along came the planning laws and the building regulations and the Rent Acts, the enfranchisement of leaseholds, and the Right to Buy Social Housing. (Please note I did not use the word Council Housing).now there is the threat to include Housing Associations in such legislation.

One understands that the average house price in the uk rose from £210,793 in May this year to £214,222 in June this year, and was in that month rising at the rate of 12.1%. Is this to be allowed to go on for ever?

There is a job for Central Government to attend to URGENTLY.

Why does it not stop rearranging the shop window ie. HIPS the which will of itself raise all house prices by some £400 to £500+ stamp duty; and instead legislate as is necessary? If they can not see what is to be done possibly the Government might seek a considered response from me. In the meantime I merely draw attention to the fact that many of the problems of the UK. arise because we as a Nation elect ‘PARTY’ Politicians into Government at every Level. Too many of whom are just not up to the job. It is not because they are of themselves unintelligent or of ill intent, it is that too few have a GUT REACTION to what is RIGHT and what is WRONG. That sort of a decision has nothing to do with being Politically Correct, or ‘taking into consideration the views of local people on an ad hoc basis’ Nor being too influenced by the ecclesiastical vote of whichever ethnicity.

We as a Nation, at least at point of use, have a free Health Service, Free Education up to University level. Have One sort of benefit and relief after another. I have no wish to be harsh but have little sympathy for any who despise what is available. If some of us allow life to flow over our heads, so be it. Things were ever so.

We can all make excuses for inadequacies, just tick the right box. It is because one is Catholic, C of E, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Black, White, Are from a single Parent Family, etc. you name it. The Truth is that some work hard and others don’t.

Jack is as good as his Master, but it is a mistake to feel that he is as capable as his Master, OR I hasten to add, neither is the Master necessarily as good or capable as Jack. We can not all be Brain Surgeons, if only because there is an insufficiency of brains to go around.

It is time to attend to our Democracy all the way up from the Parish Council through to Europe. If we have been failed by our representatives at any level, kick them out of office. However if any of us is unwilling to vote in an election do not complain about the mess that you will have contributed to.

CONSULTATION is at Election tide. Not everyone is free to stand for office at any level, but all can influence Political Parties by standing up to be counted. It may not make one too popular so to do. However those who fail to participate in anyway have no cause to complain that their views have not been taken into account.

If nothing else it is soothing to be able to claim that ‘I told You So’

contact : J.B.Pope
Email : pionono@tiscali.co.uk